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City of Menifee’s Community Development Block Grant Program (California)


The City of Menifee is currently soliciting applications from community organizations and City departments for funding through its Community Development Block Grant program.

Donor Name: City of Menifee

State: California

City: Menifee

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 02/02/2022

Size of the Grant: $515,000


Purpose of the CDBG Program

The purpose of the CDBG program is to enhance and maintain viable urban Communities through the provision of decent affordable housing, a suitable living environment, and the expansion of economic opportunities for low – moderate income (LMI) persons and households.

National Objectives

To be eligible for CDBG funding each activity must meet one of HUD’s three National Objectives.

The National objectives are:

  • National Objective #1: Benefit low – moderate income persons
  • National Objective #2: Aid in the prevention or elimination of slum and blight
  • National Objective #3: Meeting other community development needs having a particular urgency because existing conditions pose a serious and Mimmediate threat to the health or welfare of the community and other financial resources are not available.

Each year, HUD allocates federal grant funds to qualifying entitlement cities with a population greater than 50,000. The City of Menifee qualifies as an entitlement jurisdiction based upon having a population of over 50,000 people. Funds are allocated based upon a five part formula which factors population, extent of housing overcrowding, poverty, age of housing and growth lag. Therefore, funding
allocation varies from year to year. On average the City of Menifee receives $515,000 per year. The direct entitlement allows great control of funds through local selection of projects and ensures greater accountability of the use of fund through the Citizen Participation process.

Eligible CDBG Activities

Every project that receives CDBG funds must meet two criteria’s: the project must meet a National Object and it must also be an Eligible Activity as defined in 24 CFR 570.201. A list of typical eligible activities includes, but is not limited to:

Selection Criteria

The Menifee Citizens Advisory Committee (MCAC) will review the public services applications and make a recommendation to City Council who will select Public Services Grantees and allocate funds for public services activities.

The recommendations and selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Consistency o f service activity with national objectives and federal requirements;
  • Consistency of service activity with the goals, objectives, and strategies of the 5-year Consolidated Plan;
  • Breadth and depth of service activity, including number of low- and moderate- income persons served or benefitted;
  • Experience and competency of the grantee organization; and
  • Demonstrated need and lack of other sources of funding.

For more information, visit Community Development Block Grant Program.

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