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This is a sitewide search feature to find information across all the pages of this website. You can use keywords or phrases to look for related content quickly. Our search engine will scan across the website to provide you with results.
You can use this option if you are searching for grants from a specific donor. We have listed all the donors covered on this website and you can select the name of the donor and view their open and closed grants available.
Most grants are limited by their duration. Donors provide grants for one year, two years, three years, or more. There are others who believe in supporting grantees over a long period. In the section, you can select the duration and view the grants.
If you are looking for latest grants in your state, this section will enable you to select the state of your work/interest and view the listed grant opportunities. Keep track of geographically relevant and locally important grants.
The size of a grant is a critical criterion to judge if it is worth applying for it. Some grants are small in size but relevant because they provide crucial assistance for a particular issue. Use this option to search grants by their size.
County grants are funds provided to counties by various sources such as the federal government, state government, private foundations, and corporations. In this section, you can select a county and view the open and closed grants available.
This search tool allows you to narrow down your search results to your state and the thematic area of your work/interest. This will help you to quickly find the information you need by reducing the number of irrelevant results.
In this section, you can search for open and closed grants available for US organizations and individuals for projects, programs and other types of interventions in countries outside of the United States and around the world.
Grants are announced for the benefit of a person or group. They can be called beneficiaries. If you are working with a community, this section will help you identify your interest group and learn about grants available for them