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Searching for Grants on the Internet is like Searching for dust in the Sand

Cluttered Information? Diverse Sources? Complex Criteria? High Competition? How to apply? Where to apply?

The process of finding and securing grants is one of the most demanding and skilled tasks. It not only requires thorough research, but also advanced preparation, focused attention and alertness. After all, "Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them."*

Not Anymore!

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This is a site-wide search feature to find information across all the pages of this website. You can use keywords or phrases to look for related content quickly. Our search engine will scan across the website to provide you with results.

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If you are looking for latest grants in your state, this section will enable you to select the state of your work/interest and view the listed grant opportunities. Keep track of geographically relevant and locally important grants.

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This search tool allows you to narrow down your search results to your state and the thematic area of your work/interest. This will help you to quickly find the information you need by reducing the number of irrelevant results.

More Features

Our live databases will also help you search and view grant opportunities by donor agency's name, grant-size, grant-duration, county and beneficiaries.

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