2023-2024 Request for Proposals for Health & Well-being (Illinois)

United Way of Northwest Illinois (UWNI) announces availability of funding for the one-year period of July 2023- June 2024.

Donor Name: United Way of Northwest Illinois

State: Illinois

County: Carroll County (IL), Jo Daviess County (IL) and Stephenson County (IL)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 02/28/2023

Grant Duration: 1 year


Purpose of Funding

UWNI’s health focus areas are rooted from an extensive review of the Jo Daviess and Stephenson County Health Department plans, the Freeport Health Network, Monroe Clinic, and Midwest Medical Centers Community Health Needs Assessments, and also the Healthy Illinois Project 2021. The analysis of the data from each of these tools shows that local health improvement priorities are consistent across our counties and from this analysis, UNWI established two preliminary health areas of focus, which are listed below.

Focus Area

  • Social, Physical and/or Mental Health Well-being (including substance abuse)
    • This focus area is on individuals / families attaining a good quality of life, healthy development and healthy behaviors across all stages of life.
      • Assisting vulnerable populations in obtaining needed mental health and substance abuse support services
      • Develop / improve health systems and/or environment change. (e.g., healthy food education, affordable, healthy food options, access to free / low cost opportunities for active living such as public parks, walking paths, bike trails, fitness programs)
      • Engaging individuals / families in behaviors that support their health, wellness and safety.
      • Access to healthcare services
  • Chronic Disease Self-management
    • This focus area is on individuals receiving the support necessary to manage their disease and live a fulfilling life.
        • Individuals are linked with their primary care provider and chronic disease specialist and are maintaining regularly scheduled provider appointments
        • Individuals have access to and are taking their medication as prescribed and disease specific measures are controlled at the optimum level for the individual.
        • Individuals are utilizing certified educators, trained health educators or medical professionals to learn about their disease and the management thereof.
        • Individuals will be partnered with and actively participating in ongoing, uninterrupted case management to assist them in increased opportunities for active living.
        • Access to healthcare services

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be located in and primarily serving residents of Carroll, Jo Daviess, and Stephenson Counties.
  • Be a not-for-profit organization (a 501c3 designation is NOT required).
  • Be incorporated or chartered under appropriate local, state or federal statutes.
  • Abide by federal and state laws regarding non-discrimination and anti-terrorism.
  • Have an active, locally based, volunteer board of directors that meet regularly.
  • Makes policy decisions and holds election of officers.
  • Have an administrative structure with defined lines of responsibility, a mission statement and bylaws;
  • Be financially stable, perform a regular budgeting process and be able to submit IRS Form 990 and all written communications from auditor including Management Letter comments and reports on internal control deficiencies (or Review level financials statements if the Organization is not audited by an independent auditor).
  • Have current license, certification and permits if applicable;
  • Be able to demonstrate effectiveness of its programs/services or activities through measurable outcomes as defined in this RFP.

For more information, visit UWNI.