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Funds for Greater Green Bay in Brown, Kewaunee and Oconto Counties


The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation’s grants program funds measurable strategies to make a positive impact on the quality of life and create a better future for residents in their community.

Donor Name: Greater Green Bay Community Foundation

State: Wisconsin

Counties: Brown County (WI), Kewaunee County (WI) and Oconto County (WI)

Type of Grant: Grant

Type of Entities:  Non-profit Organization, School or Municipality

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/11/2022

Size of the Grant:  $3,000-$20,000


Funding Focus Areas

All innovative ideas that meet emerging needs or opportunities will be considered, including these are focus areas:

  • Arts and Culture: To infuse artistic and cultural opportunities throughout our community through creative expression. These may include historical, multicultural, visual, literary, theatrical, and musical.
  • Basic Needs: To address needs found at the root causes of poverty. While typically defined as food, clothing and shelter, these programs and services seek to lift individuals and families up to prevent generational poverty.
  • Education: To improve knowledge, train, instruct, and enhance skills to ensure individuals receive educational opportunities that better the course of their lives and careers. Especially programs addressing outcomes related to Achieve Brown County
  • Environment and Conservation: To protect, preserve, manage and provide access to or improve resources for the benefit of the natural environment, wildlife and humans.
  • Health and Wellness: To benefit the general condition of a person’s mind, body and spirit to help individuals be free from illness, injury or pain. This includes preventive, mental/behavioral, addiction and dental health programs ranging from early childhood to seniors.
  • Human Services: To assist individuals, groups and communities such as the poor, sick, elderly, children or youth, to transition to more self-sustainable lifestyle.
  • Older adults: To help older adults remain safe, engaged and supported through programs that provide care and support independence.
  • Public Benefit and Community Improvement: To provide for the good of our community at large and empower individuals or groups of people with the skills they need to effect change.
  • Youth Development: To promote, encourage and provide access to broad-based youth development, especially among underprivileged youth.

 Funding Information

An appropriate request is $3,000-$20,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) designation by the Internal Revenue Service or a governmental body, such as a school or municipality.
  • Directly serve the people of the greater Green Bay area, with primary emphasis on those residing in Brown, Kewaunee and Oconto counties.
  • Conduct business without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age, marital status, disability or national origin.

For more information, visit Greater Green Bay Community Foundation.

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