CDBG Public Facilities & Infrastructure (PF&I) Project – Washington

Snohomish County announces the availability of Supplemental Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus 3 (CDBG-CV3) funds for Public Facilities & Infrastructure (PF&I) projects.

Donor Name: Snohomish County Government

State: Washington

County: Snohomish County (WA)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/07/2022

Size of the Grant: $619,176


This application provides information and instructions for organizations interested in applying for non-housing PF&I projects that must be designed to prevent, prepare for, or respond to Coronavirus.

Funds Available

An estimated $619,176 in CDBG-CV3 funds is available for Public Facilities & Infrastructure projects that are designed to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the direct and indirect effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, and to mitigate future risks.

Eligible Projects/Activities

This application is for the following types of eligible PF&I CDBG-CV3 activities.  All CDBG-CV3 funds must be used for CDBG – eligible activities developed to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the Coronavirus.

  • Infrastructure: Acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, or installation of public facilities and improvements such as: sewer projects, flood drainage facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, neighborhood parks, recreation, open space, streets, sidewalks and walkways, and removal of architectural barriers.
  • Public Facilities: Acquisition, construction or rehabilitation of community facilities, such as food banks, senior centers, community centers.

Examples of CDBG-CV3 Eligible Projects

  • Construct a public facility, such as a park, serving an LMI area, to provide suitable outdoor fitness, and social space where insufficient facilities are available to support social distancing guidance.
  • Rehabilitate a community facility to establish appropriately ventilated spaces for senior or youth services and activities.
  • Construct a public improvement, such as extending broadband infrastructure in an underserved area or reconstructing degraded water lines, to support tele-school and telemedicine and to ensure potable water to homes, schools, and health providers.
  • Prevent or address the spread of coronavirus in a vulnerable population by acquiring and rehabilitating, or constructing, a group living facility for persons recovering from substance abuse disorder.
  • Rehabilitate a commercial building or public facility such as a school building to improve indoor air quality and ventilation to improve public health and prevent spread of coronavirus by replacing the HVAC and other building systems or to add operable windows and other improvements that could ensure the building’s continued usefulness during an outbreak.
  • Rehabilitate a commercial building or closed school building to establish an infectious disease treatment clinic, e.g., by replacing the HVAC system.
  • Construct a facility for testing, diagnosis, or treatment.
  • Rehabilitate a community facility to establish appropriately ventilated spaces for senior or youth services and activities.
  • Expansion of a food bank to facilitate increase need due to the Coronavirus.

Project Eligibility/CDBG National Objective 

All activities funded with CDBG must meet one of three National Objectives:

  • Benefit to low- and moderate-income persons;
  • Aid in the prevention or elimination of slums or blight; or
  • Meet a need having a particular urgency (referred to as urgent need)

Eligible Applicants

The following types of organizations are eligible to apply for PF&I CDBG-CV3 funding:

  • Cities and Towns in Snohomish County except Marysville, Everett, and the King County area of Bothell
  • Snohomish County Departments
  • Municipal Corporations (fire districts, utility districts, etc.)
  • Housing Authorities
  • Private, Non-profit Organizations

For more information, visit CDBG Public Facilities & Infrastructure.