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Neighborhood Grant Program to improve the Physical Appearance of Communities in Kentucky


The Neighborhood Grant Program is a competitively awarded program administered by the City of Covington.

Donor Name: City of Covington

State: Kentucky

City: Covington

Type of Grant: Grant

Type of Entity: Neighborhood or Community Groups

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 02/14/2022

Size of the Grant: $10,000


The goal of this program is to provide flexible funding, using a simple application process, to resident-led neighborhood or community groups (either formal or informal) in order to improve the physical appearance of their communities and enhance the sense of social cohesion through beautification projects, blight removal, special events and activities.

The City has allocated approximately $54,000 for this fiscal year. The program is administered as part of the Neighborhood Services Department.

Funding Information

Grants requests can be made for up to $10,000.

Eligible Applicants

  • Applicants to the program may be an existing Covington resident-led association, a group of individuals who are currently organizing a community association, or an informal group of neighbors, as long as the application meets the City’s objectives and the application proves that there is broad support for the project.
  • All applicants are strongly encouraged to seek opportunities to collaborate with an existing neighborhood association if one exists in the neighborhood where the project will take place.
  • The City will prioritize spreading funding out across as many neighborhoods as possible, so it is to your advantage to collaborate and consolidate applications where possible.
  • Individuals, businesses, social services agencies, fraternal or religious organizations, schools and public agencies are not eligible to apply.
  • Organizations that are eligible, however, may collaborate with these groups to implement the project.

For more information, visit Neighborhood Grant Program.

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