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Community and Neighborhood Matching Grant Program (Oregon)


The City of Eugene is accepting applications for its Community and Neighborhood Matching Grant for Small Projects.

Donor Name: City of Eugene

State: Oregon

City: Eugene

Type of Grant:

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 05/15/2022

Size of the Grant: $250 and $5,000


The purpose of the Community & Neighborhood Matching Grant Program is to encourage Eugene residents to collaboratively identify and actively participate in making improvements in their neighborhoods and the broader community through their neighborhood association, community group or other ad hoc group. Community member involvement and building relationships are key components of the program and are encouraged by requiring that:

  • the project budget includes a match amount equal to, or greater than, the grant funds request;
  • communication with and general support of the neighborhood association impacted or the Neighborhood Leaders Council; and documentation of broader neighborhood and/or community support.
  • Demonstrating responsible stewardship of the community assets through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion while balancing the community’s social, economic and environmental values are additional components of any project proposal submitted.

Funding Information

Grant funding requests must be between $250 and not exceed $5,000. The value of the total project including labor and installation cannot exceed $50,000.

What types of projects may be considered?

Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Those that build a safer, more inclusive and welcoming community for marginalized or vulnerable community members and for guests to the community.
  • Physical improvement projects that involve recreation or public safety facilities, natural resource features, public art and spaces, or community gardens, and projects that improve universal accessibility.
  • Public school partnership projects that benefit school children and the immediate neighborhood.
  • Neighborhood-based events and celebrations.
  • Capacity-building initiatives that serve to create, diversify, or increase participation in a neighborhood-based organization or promote an understanding of issues important to residents.
  • Outreach, education or organizing projects that address topics such as transportation (pedestrian or cyclist safety); land use (neighborhood or area planning) or public safety (disaster planning, neighborhood mapping, neighborhood safety); and diversity, equity, inclusion and fostering a sense of belonging in neighborhoods and community.
  • The City of Eugene is committed to building a legacy that enhances community for Oregon 22 and beyond.
  • To support this goal, they are looking for projects that will enhance the neighborhood with lasting impact and benefit Eugene residents and visitors alike.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Proposals will only be accepted from groups of people living, working, or owning property within the neighborhood boundary in which the project is located or for community wide projects, within Eugene’s Urban Growth Boundary. A neighborhood group may be an existing group whose membership is from a commonly recognized geographic area (e.g., neighborhood association, business association, or school site council) or an ad hoc group formed to work together on a specific project.
  • Although individual persons, businesses or community-based organizations (public, private, or non-profit) are not eligible to apply on their own, they may do so in active partnership with a community or neighborhood group or the neighborhood association.
  • Previous award recipients and current projects receiving matching grant funding are not eligible for additional program funding until outstanding projects are complete. All outstanding projects must be completed before a new contract for a new grant funded project is signed.

For more information, visit Community and Neighborhood Matching Grants for Small Projects.

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