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City of Papillion’s Neighborhood Matching Grants Program (Nebraska)


The City of Papillion awards up to four $2,500 matching grants (1 per ward) each year to assist in projects that benefit a neighborhood community.

Donor Name: City of Papillion

State: Nebraska

City: Papillion

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): Ongoing

Size of the Grant: $2,500


Eligible Projects and Activities

Projects suitable for this grant are those requesting funds of up to $2,500. Grants shall be awarded to projects from among the four wards of Papillion, with a maximum award to each ward of $2,500 per year. The goals of the Neighborhood Matching Grants Program are to promote networking between residents in order to bring neighbors together, promote positive communication between residents and City government, build the organizational capacity of neighborhoods, and encourage a physical and visual improvement that encompasses and benefits a larger area of a neighborhood in order to build a greater small community.

  • Community Enhancement: Projects/activities that build or enhance a feature of the neighborhood, benefit the City of Papillion, and are within the City’s legal authority to approve. These cannot be projects that would be funded by a homeowner association’s dues and are projects that can be undertaken and completed in a short period of time.
  • Neighborhood Leadership and Community Building: Projects/activities to build the organizational capacity of neighborhood associations or create opportunities for the networking, improve conditions, or enhance the quality of life within the neighborhood. Projects that provide opportunities for volunteering and encourage “neighbor helping neighbor” outcomes are desirable.

Project Criteria

All projects must be within the City Limits and benefit the City of Papillion. Projects that require ongoing funding or staffing by the City will not be considered for funding. Projects must be compatible with adopted City plans/policies and completed within six months of approval (unless otherwise arranged) and include a plan which outlines the steps and a timeline, with month and year, to complete the project.

Activities should be free and open to the public; meetings are to be open to all residents and businesses residing within the neighborhood. The grant program emphasizes self‐help with project ideas initiated, planned, and implemented by the neighbors and business community members who will be impacted by the project. If special provisions are required to be performed by City of Papillion employees as part of the project activity (e.g., road closures, coordination with city events and projects, etc.), preliminary approval of such provision shall be required prior to application.

Eligibility Criteria

The Neighborhood Grant Program provides matching funds to:

  • Organized neighborhood associations and Community Areas that draw membership from a commonly recognized geographic neighborhood in the City of Papillion.
  • Neighbors and civic groups who have organized to provide a benefit to a neighborhood community.

For more information, visit Neighborhood Matching Grants Program.

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