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Cultural Arts Awards for Nonprofit Arts and Cultural Organizations – California


The Sacramento City Council and the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors make funds available to the Cultural Arts Awards (CAA) program to support nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. The City’s Office of Arts & Culture (OAC) administers this program. To be eligible for funding, grantees must meet standards of diversity and equity, cultural and community impact, and show sound management and financial accountability.

Donor Name: Sacramento Office of Arts and Culture

State: California

County: Sacramento County (CA)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/21/2022

Size of the Grant: $25,000

Grant Duration: 1 year


The Sacramento Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the City on promoting, encouraging, and increasing support for Sacramento’s diverse artistic and cultural activities, integrating arts and culture into community life. The Commission recommends to the City the award of funding for CAA.

Program Goals

  • Support arts and cultural programs that demonstrate strong artistic impact
  • Support organizations’ commitment to diversity and equity
  • Encourage innovative and creative programs that challenge audiences and participants
  • Promote artistic expression deeply rooted in and reflective of historically marginalized communities
  • Celebrate the cultural vibrancy in their County and all its neighborhoods
  • Encourage the involvement and compensation of artists
  • Support organizations that respond to community need through planning and program delivery
  • Support best practices in management, including responsive planning, accountability, fund development, transparency, qualified boards and staff, and overall fiscal health

Grant Cycle

  • The Cultural Arts Award is awarded as a three-year grant.
  • Funding for Years 2 and 3 is dependent on the receipt and approval of mid-year and annual final reports by grantee, and available resources.
  •  Year 1 Grants will be distributed in April 2022.


Year One Grant Period: April 1, 2022-March 31, 2023.

Types of Eligible Organizations

  • Arts or cultural organizations
    • An arts or cultural organization has a mission that supports the development, production, or presentation of an arts discipline or cultural activity. Arts disciplines include dance, theatre, visual, literary, media/film, music and traditional arts. A cultural organization’s main purpose is to preserve, educate or present a specific culture or ethnic tradition.
  • Arts service organizations
    • An arts service organization is an organization that has a mission of providing services for artists and/or arts organizations. Arts service organizations further the interests of artists, creators, and arts organizations. Activities can include direct services, policy development, and advocacy.
  • Units of government, colleges, and universities
    • May apply for funding associated with annual operating expenses of ongoing arts programming open to the public. Student programs are not eligible to receive a CAA grant. Only the specific arts program budget may be used as the basis for the request amount. Units of government may apply directly or through their nonprofit support arm.

The CAA grant is meant to be a general operating support grant. It supports a nonprofit’s mission rather than specific projects or programs, allowing you to pay for salaries, facility rent, supplies, marketing, and other day-to-day costs of running your organization.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Your organization is eligible to apply for a CAA contract award if:

  • Non-Profit Status: Your organization holds tax-exempt nonprofit status under section 501I(3) or 501 I(6) of the Internal Revenue Code and your nonprofit business is in good standing and on the CA Attorney General’s registry of nonprofits is listed as current; (Grants will not be issued to recipients who are not in good standing with regulatory authorities )
  • Organizational Purpose: Your organization’s mission and programs are focused on arts and culture.
  • History and Operations: Your organization has a three-year history of operating and public programming;
  • Service Area: Most of the activities of the applicant organization must take place within the limits of Sacramento County
  • Budget Size: Your organization has an annual organizational budget of $25,000 or greater
  • Compliance: Your organization is up to date on all previous or ongoing City of Sacramento funded activities or grants, including Data Arts reports for previous CAA grant cycles

For more information, visit Grant for Non-profit Organizations.

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