Creative Howard Grant for Nonprofit Art Organizations & Art Businesses in Maryland

The Howard County Arts Council (HCAC) is pleased to announce an exciting new grant opportunity for small nonprofit arts organizations and arts businesses in Howard County that are not currently served by HCAC’s existing grant programs.

Donor Name: Howard County Arts Council (HCAC)

State: Maryland

County: Howard County (MD)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 04/02/2022

Size of the Grant: $1,000


Creative Howard grants will recognize and support the arts with awards up to $1,000. Eligible applicants must be located and operating in Howard County for at least one year prior to submission of the grant application and have an annual operating revenue of $100,000 or less. This grant will help fund small projects that are an important part of the community’s arts ecosystem.

The purpose of the Creative Howard grant program is to strengthen the vitality of the Howard County arts community and recognize the role of small nonprofit arts organizations and arts businesses in Howard County’s creative eco-system.

The goals for Creative Howard are:

  • To increase access to the process of requesting grants to arts organizations and support needs in the arts community that may fall outside of the eligibility requirements of HCAC’s Community Arts Development grant program.
  • To provide small non-profit 501c3- designated arts organizations with a foundation to apply for future Community Arts Development grants.
  • Creative Howard supports eligible activities of small arts organizations (both 501c3 nonprofit arts organizations and for- and nonprofit arts businesses) with grants up to $1000. There is no matching fund requirement for Creative Howard grants. Applicants may receive funding for only one application per fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nonprofit arts organizations and arts businesses located and operating in Howard County for at least one year prior to the application’s submission and throughout the funded project with an operating revenue of $100,000 or less are eligible to apply.
  • Not eligible to apply are current FY22 HCAC grant recipients, Howard County governmental agencies, and organizations that receive direct funding from Howard County, such as, Howard County Public Schools, Howard County Recreation and Parks, Howard Community College.
  • Applicant must maintain their primary physical office and conduct at least 50% of all business operations, programs and activities in Howard County (i.e.: 50% of rehearsals, 50% of Board and committee meetings, 50% of performances, workshops, etc.). Corporate papers, such as the 990 and Personal Property Tax forms, letterhead, website, and program materials submitted must show primary office is located in the County.
  • Applicant must have one fully completed and documented fiscal year of operations as of the date of the application submission.
  • Applicant must produce or present arts programs, services or projects that are accessible to the public and relevant to its community (demonstrate need).
    • Applicant may receive funding for one Creative Howard grant per fiscal year; the program may consist of a one-time activity or a series of related activities.
    • A program is eligible for funding through Creative Howard if it supports an arts and/or cultural activity that is presented at a location in Howard County.
    • Program activities must be open to the public with or without an admission fee, virtual programming is eligible.
    • Program activities may include, but are not limited to, dance, design, folk and traditional arts, history exhibit or historic reenactment, lectures or seminars, literature, media arts, music, theater, visual arts, and workshops. This list is not exhaustive and applicants are encouraged to think creatively about their programs.
    • Program budget must be based on cash income and expense only.
    • Program expenses must be directly related to the artistic activities described in the application.

For more information, visit Creative Howard Grant Program.