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2022 UCF General Operating Support (GOS) Grant Program – New York


United Cultural Fund (UCF) General Operating Support Grants are a program of the Broome County Arts Council.

Donor Name: Broome County Arts Council (BCAC)

State: New York

County: Broome County (NY)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/17/2022


Broome County Arts Council (BCAC) believes that a broad range of voices at all levels of their funded organizations is essential to driving authentic, inclusive, and sustainable community impact through the arts. BCAC further believes that a diversity of art forms, representative of all backgrounds and experiences, contributes to the dynamic environment necessary to be a welcoming, relevant and globally competitive 21st-century region.

Goals of the United Cultural Fund include: to promote an environment where all artists from all backgrounds can find opportunity and can thrive, to help connect artists in the community with appreciative public audiences through events and engagements that enliven neighborhoods, to increase appreciation of the community’s many cultures, and to increase opportunities for participatory arts experiences.

Overall, the Mission of the UCF is to “Build Community” by supporting artists and arts organizations that strive to do the following: Offer Health & Hope, Drive the Economy, Honor Culture, Share Inspiration, and Support Education through public programming.

Eligibility Criteria

UCF General Operating Support Grants are intended to support organizations that:

  • Are located in Broome County and provide on-going, quality arts and cultural activities and public programs that benefit its residents.
  • Are tax-exempt within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and any comparable provisions of state and local law.
  • Have an annual operating budget of at least $150,000 for 3 years prior to applying for UCF general operating support.
  • Employ full-time staff, including an Executive Director or CEO authorized to implement policy, hire personnel, and manage day-to-day operations.
  • Maintain an active Board of Directors/Trustees that meets regularly to determine and review policy and exercise effective financial, programmatic and administrative control.
  • Conduct operations, including board membership, personnel policies and practices, and community programs and services without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or marital status.
  • Demonstrate sound business practice and financial management for no less than 3 years prior to applying for UCF general operating support.
  • Demonstrate consistent community interest and support.
  • Demonstrate success in raising additional revenue and securing grants from local, statewide and/or national funding sources.
  • Demonstrate ability to complete new initiatives and collaborate effectively.
  • Demonstrate ability to effectively market and promote services and programs.
  • Are in good standing with all reporting requirements for any previously funded UCF grants.

Requirements & Restrictions

  • All NEW applicants for UCF general operating support must be invited to submit a proposal at the discretion of the BCAC Board of Directors. A consultation with BCAC’s Executive Director and approval by the Board of Directors is required to determine whether an invitation will be issued.
  • All CURRENT recipients of UCF general operating support are required to consult with BCAC’s Executive Director BEFORE preparing an application for another round of funding and have submitted an interim report for 2022.
  • Individual artists, community groups, and non-arts related non-profits are not eligible for UCF general operating support grants.
  • Applicants for and recipients of UCF general operating support grants are not eligible for UCF project grants.

For more information, visit 2022 UCF GOS Grant.

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