The David Prize for extraordinary Individuals (New York)

The David Prize welcomes extraordinary individuals with ideas, projects, products, and passions that are making (or will make) New York City a better place for more of us.

Donor Name: The David Prize

State: New York

Boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/21/2021

Grant Size: $200K

Grant Duration: 1 year


The David Prize is a celebration of individuals and ideas to create a better, brighter New York City. Open to any individual working in the five boroughs, the Prize welcomes those with the grit and vision to change our communities, our culture and our future for good.

Individuals that win The David Prize can be affiliated with organizations or companies, but the focus is on great people doing great things outside of established pathways and projects.

Funding Information

Winners receive $200K, no strings attached.

Eligibility Criteria

You might be a David Prize winner if you can say yes to the following:

  • You’re a New Yorker: You love and live in New York’s five boroughs. Your work is focused on this special place, even if you have a vision to scale beyond it someday.
  • You have serious plans to contribute: Whether socially, economically, culturally, environmentally (or otherwise), you have a divergent and unique vision for how to make NYC a place where people yearn to live, and concrete ideas about how to achieve it.
  • You’re a visionary: You take risks and have the grit to make something out of nothing. You see long-term benefits where others see short-term obstacles.
  • You get things done: You’re already a contributor. You have demonstrated capacity and have a track record of extraordinary work, but you haven’t done it all yet.
  • You truly need the prize: Funding and visibility could change the trajectory of your work and life, not to mention your block, your borough, and maybe even the city.

For more information, visit The David Prize.