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City of Portland: Business Assistance Grant Program for Job Creation


The City of Portland is launching a new round of the Business Assistance Grant Program for Job Creation with grants of $10,000 per full-time job created, up to $20,000 per business.

Donor Name: City of Portland

State: Maine

City: Portland

Type of Grant: Grant

Type of Entity: For-profit Businesses

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/01/2021

Size of the Grant: up to $20,000


The purpose of this program is to create jobs for low/moderate income individuals by providing startups and existing businesses with grants that can be used for a range of expenses (such as rent, utilities, payroll, equipment, inventory and supplies). Permanent full-time jobs must be filled by low/moderate income individuals after the grant is approved.

The Job Creation Grant Program provides grants up to $20,000 to new and expanding for-profit businesses for the creation of net new permanent full-time jobs for low moderate income individuals.

Eligibility Criteria        

  • Job(s) to be created for low/moderate income individuals (after grant is approved)
  • Business is located in or near a low/moderate income neighborhoods or accessible via METRO to those neighborhoods.

Program Elements         

  • Up to $20,000 grant ($10,000 per net new full-time job created)
  • Job(s) must be created after business is approved for a grant
  • Nonprofits are ineligible for this program.

For more information, visit City of Portland.

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