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The Batchelor Foundation Grant Program 2023 (Florida)


The Batchelor Foundation awards grants to promote the good health, education and well being of children, animal welfare, and the preservation of the natural environment in the South Florida community.

Donor Name: The Batchelor Foundation

State: Florida

County: Miami-Dade County (FL), Broward County (FL), Palm Beach County (FL) and Monroe County (FL)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 07/15/2023

Grant Duration: 1 year


Nonprofit organizations that serve one or more of these four (4) Florida counties but are headquartered elsewhere can apply for a grant. The Batchelor Foundation does not consider grantmaking to international organizations, initiatives, or projects.

The Batchelor Foundation makes both endowment and spendable grants.  At the discretion of the Batchelor Foundation, a matching component may be integrated into the grant award.  Both spendable and endowment grants are to be utilized strictly according to the terms and conditions set forth in the Batchelor Foundation’s grant award letter. Endowment grant awards will, in addition, be governed by specific guidelines overseeing institutional funds and subject to applicable state law.

Funding Priorities

  • The Batchelor Foundation provides support primarily for programmatic grants with some consideration given, time to time, for capital grants.  Highest priority is placed on projects and programs that have clearly defined, targeted outcomes outlined in the nonprofit’s grant proposal.
  • What They Fund:
    • Programs that assist children in the areas of education, health and general well being.
    • Programs that provide shelter, food, and/or medicine to animals.
    • Programs that protect or educate the public regarding the natural environment.
    • Some consideration is given to charitable work provided to homeless programs and veteran services.

Grant Period

Grants are generally awarded for a one-year grant period.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All applicants must be currently recognized by the IRS as 501(c)(3) public charities and classified as not a private foundation.  In addition, the nonprofit must be actively registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to solicit funds in Florida.
  • The Batchelor Foundation places highest priority on nonprofits located and providing charitable work in the South Florida counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe.


  • Direct support of individuals
  • Organizations not qualified as tax-exempt 501(c)(3)
  • Support for start-up organizations. (Consideration is given only to organizations that have been operating at least five (5) years and have $50,000 of revenue for each of the five years immediately preceding the grantees’s submission of the LOI)
  • Events, festivals, workshops, conferences or concerts
  • Capacity building, administrative expenses or operating deficits
  • Political candidates or campaigns
  • Political or governmental advocacy
  • Organizations that act as fiscal sponsors for another charity

For more information, visit The Batchelor Foundation.

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