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Request for Proposals for 2023 Pacific Environment Grant Program


The Ports for People is excited to announce the 2023 Pacific Environment Grant Program that aims to fund multi-level organizations, including community-based groups, environmental justice organizations, and environmental organizations.

Donor Name: Ports for People

State: All States

County: All Counties

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 11/01/2023

Size of the Grant: $15,000 – $150,000


Pacific Environment is aiming to harness people power to regenerate ports and end ship pollution once and for all. Together with local communities, allies, and partners, they have the power to transform port infrastructure and accelerate the transition to zero-emission shipping, ultimately transforming ports from hotspots of fossil fuel pollution to thriving hubs of sustainable economic development and environmental protection. The campaign unites strategic, place-based objectives with local, state, federal, and international policy goals to tip the global shipping industry off fossil fuels for good.

Funding Information

Organizations can apply for any grant amount from $15,000 – $150,000.

Projects will be Considered

  • The grants seeking to fund projects that align with the overall objectives of:
    • Help pass policies that put ships on mandatory zero emission pathways, help create zero-emission trade routes.
    • Help stop ports’ fossil fuel build-out and support just, thriving, and healthy port communities.
    • Secure zero emission commitments from major players and stakeholders including ports, policy makers, cargo owners, and more that bring pollution into ports.
  • The following are a few examples of what proposed projects can result in but, ultimately, they recognize applicants as experienced leaders and defer to them. Project plans can include but are not limited to community building, movement infrastructure building, capacity building, grassroots power-building, coalition building, campaigning, educating policy makers, advocacy with actionable items such as press conferences, rallies, nonviolent direct actions, op-eds, event organization and strategizing together on building community power to holds ports accountable.


It will prioritize projects in port communities on the U.S. West Coast but will consider funding projects and organizations that are taking on acute port crises in other regions throughout the United States.

Eligibility Criteria

  • They are open to receiving proposals for relevant projects from organizations that may or may not already explicitly work on shipping but whose overall goals focus on the environmental and health impacts suffered by portside communities due to shipping and ports’ fossil fuel emissions. It seeks to unite campaigners, activists, conservation groups, community members, environmental groups, and health care professionals behind the shared goal of ending ship and port pollution and creating cleaner, safer and thriving port communities.
  • It encourages organizations active in communities harmed by environmental degradation and from backgrounds underrepresented in the environmental movement to apply. Organizations led by and representing Indigenous persons; People of color; transgender, gender-nonconforming, and LGBTQ people; women; and people of working-class experiences are encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants must be 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations in the U.S. or have a fiscal sponsor at the time of the application. To receive funds, applicants must provide proof of insurance with Pacific Environment named as additional insured from the organization or fiscal sponsor and applicant must provide the most current independent audit.

For more information, visit Ports for People.

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