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Heritage Fund: Organizational Excellence Grants Program (Indiana)


Heritage Fund has announced the Organizational Excellence Grants program to support training, development, and capacity building opportunities for nonprofit staff and boards.

Donor Name: Heritage Fund

State: Indiana

County: Bartholomew County (IN)

Type of Grant: Grant

Type of Entities: Schools, Municipalities, Non-profit Organisations and Libraries

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): Ongoing

Grant Size: $10,000


Heritage Fund provides Organizational Excellence grants to cover items such as assessments, consulting fees, training, and executive coaching.

Organizational Excellence Grants can be used to support activities including (but not limited to) strategic planning, board development, communications and fundraising planning, network and IT planning, succession planning, leadership development, organizational assessment, and productivity improvements.

Funding Information

  • Suggested Amount: Up to $10,000.
  • Requests of $10,000+ will be considered.

Eligibility Criteria

Organizations classified as 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charities by the Internal Revenue Service are eligible for grants. Public entities such as schools, municipalities, and libraries may also qualify. Organizations must be located in or provide services for the benefit of Bartholomew County.

Grants will not be made:

  • To individuals
  • For events, performances, seminars or trips unless there are special circumstances which will benefit the community
  • For individual school needs, unless approved in writing by the school administration
  • To faith based organizations unless the project in question is not religious in nature, is not restricted based on faith, and involves no faith based proselytizing.

Ineligible Requests

  • Replacing a gradual loss of funding/declining donation income or lost government funding
  • Providing interim funding while waiting for government reimbursement
  • Addressing problems resulting from an organization’s failure to adequately plan or exercise duty of care (Examples: failure to plan for maintenance costs or replacement costs of existing assets, failure to pay taxes, not anticipating construction contingency costs)

For more information, visit Organizational Excellence Grants.

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