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Grants for Mississippi based Non-Profit Organizations and Government Entities


The Mini-Grants for Organizations are matching grants designed to support professional development and capacity building for arts organizations.

Donor Name: Mississippi Arts Commission

State: Mississippi

County: All Counties

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 06/01/2023

Size of the Grant: $200 to $1,000


Mississippi based non-profit organizations and government entities are also eligible to receive Mini-Grants to hire professional artists such as those listed on MAC’s Artist Roster and Teaching Artist Roster. LLC’s and other for-profit businesses are NOT eligible to apply for MAC grants.

Mini-Grant priority funding will be given to organizations who have not recently received MAC funding. Priority will also be given to organizations residing in MAC’s identified underserved counties, high-poverty counties or extremely rural areas, as well as organizations led by or serving BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color), individuals with disabilities, veterans and those serving other typically underserved groups.

Please note: All applications will be received electronically through MAC’s eGRANT system, please contact MAC if you need additional ADA accommodations.

Funding Information

Organization Mini-Grants range from $200 to $1,000 and require a dollar-for-dollar cash match (in-kind matches are not eligible).

Eligible Activities

There are types of activities that may be supported through Organization Mini-grants:

  • Presenting/Hiring Professional Artists:
    • Mini-grants can pay for up to half of the total fee to hire a professional artist.

Those hiring members of MAC’s Artist Roster will be given funding priority.

Other professional artists must include proof of artistic excellence and professionalism. Examples of how to establish this within the application include, but are not limited to: Artist’s resume and work samples, signed intent to hire agreement, link to professional website or listing on another adjudicated roster program, such as the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, the Poet Laureate of Mississippi, or a program managed by another state or regional arts agency.

  • Organizations may hire artists (Priority will be given to those hiring MAC Roster artists or MAC Teaching artists) to:
    • Present a performance, workshop, or other presentation
    • Create public art on/in your building or for your organization
    • To create arts curriculum
  • Organizational or Curriculum Development:
    • Mini-grants can support up to half of the total fee of a consultant to support organizational capacity building, organizational professional development or curriculum development.
  • Organizations may hire professional consultants to provide a short-term consultancy that is focused on overall organizational development such as: 
    • Organizational long range Strategic Planning
    • Organizational Fundraising Planning
    • I.D.E.A. Audit (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access)
    • Diversity Training or other professional work to diversify and organization’s Board of Directors
    • ADA Compliance and Accessibility Trainings
    • Board Member Training
    • Arts Related Emergency Preparation
    • Convening focus groups of different types of artists, stakeholders or members of the community touched by your organization
    • Curriculum development in a K-12 school

Please note: The applicant organization must demonstrate through the required attachments that the consultant is qualified to do the work.

  • Conference Support
    • Mini-Grants can support up to half of the total cost for an arts organization to send staff or board members to an in-person or online professional conference or workshop that directly relates to the organization’s work in and through the arts.

Eligibility Criteria

Organizations that can apply for a Mini-grant must:

  • Be based in Mississippi
  • Be incorporated in Mississippi as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization OR
  • Be a unit of local government, such as a school, library, or another county or municipal agency. Units of local government may be required to provide documentation of their status as a governmental agency.

For more information, visit Mississippi Arts Commission.

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