Funding to Improve the Lives of Low-Income Families in Wayne & Holmes Counties

In part with their mission, United Way has chosen to invest in quality programs in Wayne and Holmes Counties that seek to improve the lives of low-income families.

Donor Name: United Way of Wayne and Holmes

State: Ohio

Counties: Holmes County (OH), Wayne County (OH)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/17/2021

Grant Duration: 2 Years


The four areas of focus that UWWH has carefully considered are; Health/Mental Health/Substance Abuse, Safety Net, Workforce Development and Youth Development.

Funding Availability

Some requests may qualify for multi-year funding (2 years). Those who are meeting basic needs of shelter and food may apply for 2 years of funding. Part of your request may qualify while other parts do not, and that is acceptable. If multi-year grants are awarded you will be required to participate in an end of year interview and evaluation.

The Funds will be Used For

They strive to make the funding flexible to help you fulfill your mission, so the items that they will fund include the following:

  • Certifications/Trainings (Registration Fees only for Professional Development)
  • Client Evaluations/Assessments
  • Direct Client Services (Shelter, Rent, Utilities, Clothing, Food..etc.)
  • Meals/Snacks/Food Pantry
  • Program Specific Supplies (these will need to itemized in the budget)
  • Salary/Benefits/Payroll Taxes (the cost to hire)
  • Scholarships (by reimbursement only)
  • Support Groups
  • Other – as defined by you. Approval or clarification may be needed.

The Funds will Not Cover

There are some items that will not cover in a funding request. The funds will not cover the following items:

  • Capital Expenses/Capital Campaigns
  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Consultant Fees (audits, IT, attorney, etc.)
  • Software/Hardware
  • Fundraising Events or Expenses
  • Membership Fees, Dues, Subscriptions
  • Hotels, Meals or Fringe Expenses for Professional Development

Eligibility Criteria

To receive funding, you must apply at the appropriate time and meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a registered 501 (c) 3 registered with the Ohio Secretary of State Office or a public education institution, voluntary association or faith-based organization.
  • Provide services to low-income residents in Wayne and/or Holmes Counties.

For more information, visit 2022 Funding Opportunities.