Community Partnership Grant for Frederick County

The Frederick County Community Partnership Grant program awards competitive grants to non-profit organizations serving the needs of county residents.

Donor Name: Frederick County Government

State: Maryland

County: Frederick County (MD)

Type of Grant: Grant

Type of Entity: Non-profit Organizations

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/14/2021


The Community Partnership Grant (CPG) program is an open and competitive process for Frederick County Government to enter into partnership agreements with community 501(c(3) agencies and organizations to fund identified human needs within Frederick County. The County Executive’s overall goal is to coordinate and align public and non‐profit sector resources to create and enhance support services to positively impact children, youth, seniors, and families.

The County seeks applications for grant funding from eligible entities to address needs in the following specific areas (with examples of previously funded programs):

  • Senior Needs ‐ Examples: age in place services; senior centers; medical/wellness services; “Navigation Specialists” to connect seniors with services/activities; case management; transportation to medical providers.
  • Housing Needs – Examples: homelessness prevention services; expanded shelter operations, especially for families; shelter transition services; shared housing for low‐ income seniors; case management to help reduce duration of homelessness; low‐ income senior housing repair.
  • Community Needs – Examples: affordable mental health services; improved drug abuse prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and/or advocacy services; youth activities that operate in safe and secure out‐of‐school environments; improved emotional, social, cognitive and physical child/youth development; mentoring, anti‐bullying, and leadership skill building; child nutrition programs; Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) informed service

Eligibility Criteria

  • An applicant must be a 501(c)(3) agency located in Frederick County, Maryland, providing a direct human service to residents living within the County. The County can consider organizations located outside of Frederick County, Maryland for funding only if the organization provides services to Frederick County, Maryland residents.
  • Agencies must be in good standing with the IRS (as assessed via GuideStar’s Charity Check), the Maryland Secretary of State’s charitable division, and the Department of
  • Assessment and Taxation’s Maryland Personal Property tax division.
  • Agencies must be in compliance with Federal, State and local human rights laws.
  • Agencies that previously received a Frederick County grant award or other funding must have met all grant and reporting requirements for the years in which they received funding.
  • Each individual applicant (based on a unique federal tax identification number) may submit one (1) one‐time grant and one (1) operating grant application, only. Any application submitted by a fiscal sponsor on behalf of another entity through a fiscal sponsorship counts toward the sponsoring agency’s application limit.

For more information, visit Frederick County Government.