Colorado Springs Health Foundation’s Main Funding Opportunity

Colorado Springs Health Foundation is inviting applicants for its Main Funding Opportunity to target immediate health care needs and encourage healthy living in El Paso and Teller Counties, Colorado.

Donor Name: Colorado Springs Health Foundation

State: Colorado

Counties: El Paso County (CO), Teller County (CO)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/27/2022


Funding Focus Areas

Colorado Springs Health Foundation has identified four funding focus areas. These areas align with the Foundation’s mission, community need, community and stakeholder input, and the population health framework described above.

  • Expand access to healthcare for those in greatest need. This includes care for physical, mental, oral and/or substance use disorder-related concerns. It also includes initiatives to address the healthcare workforce shortage.
  • Prevent suicide
  • Cultivate healthy environments in high-need or underserved communities. Healthy environments are those that encourage greater physical activity or those that increase access to healthy, affordable food.
  • Prevent or heal trauma.

Grant Types Available:

• General Operating
• Program/Project
• Capital

Note: If your organization is interested in applying for capacity-building/technical assistance support (e.g. planning, professional development/training, evaluation), a separate funding opportunity is available.

Proposals with the following attributes will be considered more competitive:

  • Tight alignment with one of Colorado Springs Health Foundation’s funding focus areas
  • Significant experience and expertise related to the Foundation’s funding focus area(s)
  • Strong organizational governance and leadership and a track-record of making a positive impact
  • A diverse base of financial support for the organization and/or the project/program/initiative
  • Demonstrated need within the target population(s)
  • An understanding of how equity shapes the issue you aim to solve and the proposed solution(s)
  • An evidence-based approach, if one exists. If not, a promising practice or innovative approach
  • A method and plan for defining and measuring impact
  • High potential for significant, positive impact on community health, especially in areas and with communities that experience health inequities and disparities.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant organizations must be one of the following:

  • Tax-exempt (501(c)3)
  • Operating under the fiscal agency of a tax-exempt organization
  • Tax-supported like a school or local/state government
  • Applicant organizations must serve either El Paso and/or Teller Counties, Colorado.

For more information, visit Main Funding Opportunity.