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Social Service Grant Program for Non‐profit Organizations in California


The City of Fremont will award approximately $783,000 in Social Service grant funds to non-profit organizations in FY 2022-2025 (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2025).

Donor Name: City of Fremont Human Services Department

State: California

City: Fremont

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/19/2022

Grant Size: $150,000

Grant Duration: 3 years


The City of Fremont supports social services designed to foster the independence of service recipients/clients and prevent the need for services in the future, while also supporting those organizations that assist persons in crisis and those who lack the basic necessities of life.

Fund Categories

Human Service Grant Category: The  Human  Relations  Commission  (HRC)  is  a  City  Council‐appointed  advisory  body  that  is  charged  with promoting  the creation of a community environment in which all men, women and children,  regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex or disability, may live, learn, work and play in harmony and community.

Senior Service Grant Category: The Senior Citizens Commission (SCC) is a City Council‐appointed advisory body charged with promoting the creation of a social environment in which all senior citizens can live independent, healthful and productive lives.  It is the SCC’s responsibility to review and recommend grant funding for Senior Service Grant proposals to the Fremont City Council.

Eligible Projects

  • Provide a prevention safety net to persons facing a variety of life issues
  • Assist persons who lack basic necessities

Funding Information

The minimum grant amount that agencies may apply for is $15,000. Grant awards for FY 21‐22 Human Services grants ranged from $6,294 to $150,000 with an average award of approximately $45,519. Grant awards for FY 21‐22 Senior Service grants ranged from $15,000 to $40,000 with an average award of approximately $25,383.

Eligibility Criteria

Grants  will  be  awarded  to  public  entities  such  as  a  county  department,  organizations  that  qualify  for  tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or to secular service programs or ministries that are covered by the insurance of a tax exempt non‐profit religious organization.

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