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2023 Request for Applications for Education Project Grants (Alaska)


The CIRI Foundation is seeking applications for its Education Project Grants to promote quality of learning and educational experiences for Alaska Natives from the early learning years through adulthood, recognizing the importance of lifelong learning.

Donor Name: The CIRI Foundation

State: Alaska

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 09/01/2023

Size of the Grant: up to $6,000


Education Project Grant funding is available to support projects that further the educational goals of The CIRI Foundation. These include but are not limited to the promotion of quality learning and educational experiences for Alaska Native people as outlined:

  • Promote quality of learning and educational experiences for Alaska Natives from the early learning years through adulthood, recognizing the importance of lifelong learning;
  • Examine educational issues and opportunities and to identify possible solutions to eliminate those factors that hinder successful achievement by Alaska Natives in their educational pursuits;
  • Foster educational enrichment programs that improve the quality of life for Alaska Natives.

Funding Information

The Foundation usually considers grant amounts up to $6,000.

Eligibility Criteria

Education Project Grant applications may be submitted to The CIRI Foundation by:

  • Nonprofit organizations that have received an IRS determination of Section 501(c)(3) status and classification as public charity, including but not limited to cultural centers and museums, but not including any non-functionally integrated Type III supporting organization;
  • Tribal organizations that appear in the current Federal Register list of Native entities within the State of Alaska that are federally recognized and eligible to receive services from the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs, with preference given to organizations located within the Cook Inlet region;
  • Qualified nonprofit or tribal organizations as described above as sponsors of individuals who are selected solely by the applicant organization using objective and nondiscriminatory criteria, and who are original enrollees to Cook Inlet Region, Inc. and/or their lineal descendants;
  • Governmental educational institutions such as public schools, including state institutions of higher learning.

Grant Guidelines

All applications must comply with the following guidelines:

  • The Education Project Grant shall further The Foundation’s Education Project Grant Program Goals
  • All organizations applying must satisfy the eligibility criteria above. Individuals are not eligible to apply for or receive grants, but an eligible organization may apply as a sponsor for an individual (as described under Eligibility) where the organization is solely responsible for the financial administration of the grant and for the selection and oversight of the individual
  • Grantee programs must directly impact or involve Cook Inlet Region, Inc. original enrollees and/or their lineal descendants
  • Priority will be given to grant applications submitted by organizations located within the geographic boundaries of the Cook Inlet region of Alaska
  • The grantee organization must report on the project’s programmatic progress and financial expenditures of the grant as specified in the Project Grant Agreement
  • Preference will be given to Education Project Grant proposals that demonstrate the ability to obtain at least a one-to-one funding match
  • The CIRI Foundation may consider a project more than once if there is a significantly different component described in repeat applications.

For more information, visit The CIRI Foundation.

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