2023 Miller Foundation Arts Grants for Large Organizations in Oregon

Miller Foundation arts grants support those who put “art at the heart” of their work. They also fund other types of organizations that deliver ongoing arts or arts education programming. Together, they can help the arts play a key role in all their Oregon communities.

Donor Name: Miller Foundation

State: Oregon

County: All Counties

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 02/17/2023

Size of the Grant: $500,000


Types of Support

Operating Support grants typically support organizations with missions that are focused solely in the Arts and K-12 Arts Education. The Miller Foundation understands that funding general operations is the best way to help organizations thrive. Their Standard Application Process provides general operating support to provide you with maximum flexibility in doing your work.

Miller Foundation operating support grants can be used for a grantee’s operating expenses. Examples:

  • Artist or Contractor fees
  • Staff wages
  • Rent/utilities
  • Technology
  • Programming, performance, presentation, or exhibit expenses
  • Moveable equipment
  • General business expenses
  • Marketing, fundraising or technical support
  • Addition of new paid staff

Funding Information

Request Amounts

Operating support grants typically represent between 3-5% of an organization’s annual operating expenses. Here are typical examples of how their operating support grants are commonly funded:

  • If an organization’s annual expenses are under $1 million, then the grant amount would likely be up to 5% of those expenses.
  • If an organization’s annual expenses are between $1-2 million, then the grant amount would likely be up to 4% of those expenses.
  • If an organization’s annual expenses are over $2 million, then the grant amount would likely be up to 3% of those expenses. (Please note, our typical maximum for operating support grants is $150,000.)

Grant Duration

  • Applicants may apply for one, two, or three years of support. However, please note that newer applicants are unlikely to receive multi-year support. They recommend first-time applicants request a one-year grant.
  • If you have a 5-year history of grant funding with Miller, you are eligible to apply for up to 3 years of support.
    For those applicants with a grant history of between 2-4 years of funding, you are eligible to apply for up to 2 years of support. Grant history can be non-sequential. (i.e. Past funding does not need to have been in 5 consecutive years.)

Specific Eligibility Consideration

Because the Miller Foundation believes that every child should have access to a well-rounded education that includes the arts, their Arts grants also support K-12 Arts Education programs. If you provide arts education programming, you have a greater chance of receiving Miller funding if your programs meet any of the criteria below.

  • Applicants can be 501(c)(3) organizations, public entities, tribal or municipal governments, schools, or school districts. We sometimes fund work that has a fiscal sponsor.

K-12 Arts Education

  • You provide non-school based sequential arts education specifically engaging youth who face economic, geographic, or other barriers to participation.
  • You work in partnership with public schools to provide arts education where such programming would otherwise be unavailable.
  • You connect young people with professional teaching artists.
  • You provide culturally specific arts education.

For more information, visit Miller Foundation.