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2021 Community Grant Program for Organizations in Henderson County


Community Foundation of Henderson County is inviting applicants for its 2021 Community Grants program.

Donor Name: Community Foundation of Henderson County

State: North Carolina

County: Henderson County (NC)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/01/2021


Community Foundation of Henderson County makes grants to tax-exempt organizations, 501(c)(3) organizations, operating programs in Henderson County or programs for the benefit of the residents of Henderson County. It is the intent of the Foundation’s grantmaking program to fund projects that promote cooperation and collaboration among organizations without duplication of services.

Grant Making Interest Areas

The Foundation encourages creative and collaborative proposals, which address the following interest areas:

Impact Focus Areas

In addition, the Foundation will give special consideration to proposals which affect the following impact focus areas:

  • Challenges and opportunities afforded by growth in Henderson County
  • Poverty and its effects on Henderson County
  • Access to Health and Mental Health Services
  • Public Access to the Arts

Funding Guidelines

Community Foundation of Henderson County encourages proposals that:

  • demonstrate collaboration
  • affect a broad segment of the population
  • are relevant to overall community needs and available resources
  • enhance or improve organizations, which serve clients whose needs are not met by existing services and which encourage client independence, self-sufficiency and responsibility
  • emphasize prevention and early intervention

In addition, the Foundation is inclined to give favorable consideration to proposals that:

  • are pilot programs that can clearly be used as a model for others
  • have reasonable prospects for future support
  • move the community to a higher cultural awareness

Funds will not be used for:

  • programs outside of Henderson County unless directly benefiting Henderson County
  • annual fund campaigns
  • religious or political purposes
  • individuals (including scholarships)
  • organizations which have not been determined to be tax-exempt as described in Section 509 (a)(1) and 170B (1)(a) of the Internal Revenue Code augmenting endowments underwriting for fund raising events

Funds will normally not be used for:

  • organizations whose primary function is to allocate funds to other charitable organizations or projects
  • second year funding or multi-year funding
  • routine operating support for ongoing programs
  • conferences, seminars, workshops etc.

For more information, visit Community Grant.

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