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Women’s Film Preservation Fund Grant for Individuals and Not-for-Profit Organizations


The Women’s Film Preservation Fund, founded by New York Women in Film & Television, seeks proposals for the preservation or restoration of American films, from any era, in which women have held significant creative positions, including, but not limited to, writer, director, producer, editor and performer.

Donor Name: New York Women in Film & Television

State: All States

County: All Counties

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 06/15/2023

 Size of the Grant: up to $10,000


Kinds of Preservation the WFPF funds

  • Currently, the Women’s Film Preservation Fund gives grants for film-to-film preservations which result in film-based archival elements including a film negative and a print. In special cases, the WFPF may permit digital preservations without making a film negative and print, but they will be considered on a case by case basis. Deliverables must also include a digital file of the preserved film with closed captions and subtitling.
  • Sparked by the wealth of material shot on video by women artists during the second wave feminism movement that is in need of preservation. WFPF has embarked on limited video preservation by invitation only. Born analog video work is not accepted through this grant application process.

Grant Amounts

Grants of up to $10,000 are awarded.

Use of Grant Funds

The grants may only be used for actual costs connected with the restoration and/or preservation, not for salaries or general administrative costs. Grant money is dispersed directly to approved lab and vendor conducting the preservation work as it is needed, not to the applicant.

Applicant Eligibility & Requirements:

  • Individuals and not-for-profit organizations may apply.
  • Grants will be reported for tax purposes.
  • Organizations must submit evidence of tax-exempt status.

Film Requirements and Criteria 

  • “American Films” are defined as films made by American women filmmakers anywhere in the world or women filmmakers from abroad whose films were made in the United States.
  • Films must include a woman or women in significant creative positions, including, but not limited to: writer, director, producer, editor and performer.
  • Works must have been originally made on film.
  • Films must have preservation elements available.
  • Films can be from any era.
  • Films can be of any length.
  • Films can be on any subject matter.
  • Films can be of any genre, including but not limited to narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, industrial, and other types of films.
  • Films can be in any film format.
  • Applicants for films that do not have elements already archived in an established film archive are required to provide a letter from such an archive that states the archive is willing to accept both original film elements and new preservation elements and archival print after preservation.

Criteria for grant selection includes

  • Artistic, historic, cultural and/or educational importance of the film, especially its relation to the role of women in film history
  • Significance of the key creative women in the production
  • Evidence of the artistic and technical expertise of those planning and executing the project
  • Urgency of the need to preserve the film
  • Appropriateness of the budget for the proposed work
  • Realistic plan for making the film available to professionals, scholars, and interested audiences

For more information, visit Women’s Film Preservation Fund Grant.

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