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Pickaway County Community Foundation’s Community Grants Program (Ohio)


The Pickaway County Community Foundation is accepting proposals from tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations serving Pickaway County as part of a competitive grant making process to respond to new programs, emerging needs, and innovative services that might not be started or continue were it not for PCCF’s support.

Donor Name: Pickaway County Community Foundation

State: Ohio

County: Pickaway County (OH)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 02/21/2022


The mission of the Pickaway County Community Foundation is to provide charitable resources and expertise that improve the quality of life in Pickaway County.  PCCF will work to enhance the quality of life for all citizens in the area, now and for generations to come, by building community endowment; addressing needs through grant making; and serving as a leader, catalyst, and a resource for charitable giving.  Pickaway County Community Foundation grants are made for public charitable purposes that enrich the quality of life of citizens of the Pickaway County, Ohio area.


Generally, priority will be given to projects or programs that:

  • Help launch new projects which represent a unique and unduplicated opportunity for the community
  • Support established organizations for special purposes
  • Support organizations which deliver effective existing programs to assist or empower underserved or disadvantaged populations
  • Offer new approaches to solving problems, and stimulate others to participate in problem-solving
  • Create opportunities for organizations to collaborate without duplicating services, and leveraging additional resources
  • Make a clear difference in the quality of life for a substantial number of people
  • Propose innovative, creative and practical solutions to both current and emerging community needs
  • Strengthen an agency’s effectiveness or stability
  • Generate matching funds

Interest Areas & Community Need

PCCF is particularly interested in proposals that help address areas of need in the community as follows:

  • Arts & Culture: Programs and activities that reach out to underserved populations, and strengthen and support local arts organizations
  • Community & Economic Development: Programs and activities that enhance and improve the economic vitality of the community
  • Education: Early education and care; language and reading readiness; keeping children in school; family literacy/adult education; and professional development for teachers
  • Environment: Community-focused parks and greenspaces; recreational trails; stewardship of natural resources
  • Health: Access to care; early screening and referral; mental/physical disabilities; teen pregnancy, prenatal care and education; fitness and nutrition
  • Human Services/Strengthening Families & Supporting Youth: Services for children and families living in poverty; services to elderly in need; prevention of child abuse and neglect; parenting resources; access to quality child care; prevention of substance abuse
  • Supportive Communities: Safer, livable communities; advocacy for the poor and underserved; shelter/housing; transportation; access to emergency assistance for basic needs; citizen involvement
  • Agriculture: Exploration of the possibilities of incentives for farmers to develop their produces, support for the new creation of new value-added agriculture enterprises; development of funding sources for entrepreneurs to incubate startups and growth phases; definition and focus on the emerging concept of community development venture capital.
  • Workforce Development: Preparation for workforce skills, job readiness training, or program that develop skills that lead to in demand occupations.
  • Leadership: Develop programs that enhance leadership skills, and opportunities to link leaders throughout the county.

Eligibility Criteria

The Foundation will accept grant applications from:

  • IRS Charitable Status – Nonprofit organizations in possession of a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service declaring the organization a public charity that is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (c)(3). Charitable organizations must have a governing board, and conduct business without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, disability or national origin.
  • Geographic Area – Nonprofit organizations must be operating or proposing to operate programs primarily for the benefit of Pickaway County residents.
  • Faith-Based Organizations – May apply for program funding provided there are not requirements to participate in religious instruction and/or take part in religious activities.
  • School Systems – Requests from school systems must be initiated and submitted by the superintendent’s office (Preference will be given to programs or projects that serve more than an individual classroom with a school or school system.) Grants must be submitted to the school foundations first.
  • Multi-Department or Branch Applicants – Large organizations with many branches or departments (e.g., universities, colleges, YMCAs, public libraries) must submit requests from the president’s office, director’s office or development office.
  • Previous Grantees – Must have complied with all reporting requirement, and be in good standing before submitting another grant request. As a general rule, a returning applicant will not be considered if an Interim or Final Progress Report was not received by the stated deadline.


PCCF does not award grants from its Community Grant program to:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations that require the services of a fiscal agent in order to receive funds
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Private foundations
  • Re-granting organizations
  • Political organizations or candidates for public offices
  • Lobbying activities

PCCF does not generally award grants from its Community Grant program to:

  • State and local government agencies
  • Fraternal, political, labor, social, or veterans’ groups
  • Community athletic teams or groups
  • School athletic teams, bands, choral groups, drill teams or color guards
  • Public agencies for mandated services


Increasing the capacity of nonprofits to respond effectively to community needs is essential.  In general, the Foundation prefers funding:

  • Programs or projects scheduled to take place in the same year in which the grant is awarded
  • Start-up costs for new programs
  • One-time projects or needs
  • Capital needs beyond an applicant’s capabilities and means
  • Grant proposals that exhibit a diversification of funding sources
  • Grant proposals that delineate plans for future funding
  • Collaborative efforts (Note: PCCF will review funding requests from a “lead” agency or for an agency on behalf of a collaborative effort on a case-by-case basis so as not to penalize any one potential grantee from receiving grant funding for its specific projects.)


The Foundation will not support:

  • Annual campaigns, scholarship and endowment campaigns
  • Budget deficits
  • Debt retirement or restructuring
  • Direct support of religious activities (secular activities provided by religious organization may be eligible for grant funds)
  • National fundraising drives, fundraising events, feasibility studies
  • Lobbying activities and political activities
  • Tickets for benefits
  • Work or projects that have already taken place

Due to limited resources, PCCF cannot respond favorably to all worthwhile causes.  In general, the Foundation is unlikely to support:

  • Academic research
  • Advertising and sponsorships
  • Full funding for a program/project
  • General operations and operating support
  • Multi-year grants for projects
  • Program expenses that occur on a regular basis (i.e., annual workshops, membership dues)
  • Purposes which are a public-sector responsibility
  • Recurring operating expenses (unless for the initial state of a pilot project)
  • Replacement of government funding
  • Travel and conference attendance

For more information, visit Community Grant.

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