Musgrave Multi-Year Impact Grants: Student Citizenship 2023 (Missouri)

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks is now accepting proposals to improve civic education and enhance community civility for students in the greater Springfield area.

Donor Name: Community Foundation of the Ozarks

State: Missouri

County: Selected Counties

City: Springfield

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 02/21/2023

Size of the Grant: $125,000

Grant Duration: 3 years


This program encourages applicants to provide high quality civics learning focused on the fundamental principles, knowledge, skills and values necessary for democratic citizenship and a functioning representative government with the ultimate goal of creating active student leaders engaged in community.

The Musgrave Foundation seeks to fund programs which improve civic education and community civility for youth in the Springfield, Missouri metropolitan statistical area (MSA). The new “Musgrave Multi-Year Impact Grants: Student Citizenship: 2023” program will support selected projects with up to $750,000 over three years.

The Musgrave Foundation supports engagement in long term, high impact philanthropy by making available the opportunity for agencies to apply for larger scale, multi-year grants. The Musgrave Multi-Year Impact Grant Program establishes long-term funding in order to have significant impact upon challenges in the Springfield-Greene County region. Focus area in this grant program will be established each year factoring Mrs. Musgrave’s focus areas and changing community need.

This program launches in its third year with the following focus area: Student Citizenship.

Funding information

Max request from one proposal: $125,000 per year for up to three years.

Proposal Timeframe

One-year, two-year, or three-year proposals.

Eligible Organizations

Primary applicant organizations must be currently engaged in civic participation education or programming for youth (including both K-12 and college students) in the Springfield, Missouri MSA. Additionally, eligible proposals must primarily focus on Greene County but can include programming for youth in the Springfield, Missouri MSA (Greene, Christian, Dallas, Polk, and Webster County).

Proposal annual requests cannot represent more than 25% of the organization’s annual budget. Small organizations working in the related subject matter may partner with larger organizations in order to bring both organizational experience and

Priority concepts: The Musgrave Foundation encourages applications for projects that encourage youth, ranging from K–12 to college students, to be more engaged in civic participation and civil discussion. The Musgrave Foundation encourages applications, in particular, which support experiential learning; an opportunity for students to address public problems and engage in local government; a focus on civility as a key component of quality participatory government; and an effort to constructively participate in discussion and decision making with individuals of differing perspective and ideological viewpoint.

Citizenship: The Musgrave Foundation defines citizenship as an active effort by individuals to solve community problems and create a responsive government. This participatory effort strives to create an ideal democratic process which is inclusive and engaged with all people.

For more information, visit Student Citizenship.