HOME Investment Partnerships – Tenant Based Rental Assistance Administrator (California)

The City of Sunnyvale is seeking one Administrator for its Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) program and seeking innovative proposals for a time-limited (up to two years) rental assistance program, including supportive services, to support low-income households as they work toward self-sufficiency.

Donor Name: City of Sunnyvale

State: California

City: Sunnyvale

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 02/11/2022

Size of the Grant: $250,000

Grant Duration: 2 Years


The City of Sunnyvale’s TBRA program is intended to assist low-income households (families and/or individuals) experiencing or at-risk of homelessness, in obtaining safe, sanitary, habitable and affordable housing by providing rental and security deposit assistance, coupled with case management/employment services, for the duration of the program (up to two-years). The program is intended to serve households with minimal to moderate barriers to housing and employment (i.e., Rapid Rehousing Model) – and is not intended for participants requiring Permanent Supportive Housing services who have major barriers to housing and employment. Since TBRA is a time-limited subsidy program – the main objective is to enroll households and provide adequate case management support to assist the household in becoming self-sufficient during their term in the program.

To help Sunnyvale meet this objective, the City is seeking proposals from experienced agencies/subsidy administrators that 1) identify a target population 2) have a detailed initial and ongoing eligibility system 3) include a detailed Case Management/Self Sufficiency Plan AND 4) demonstrate a full understanding of the HOME federal guidelines and regulations.

Funding Information

This RFP seeks to award available Housing Mitigation (HMF), Low-Moderate Housing (LMIHF) and HOME funds to one eligible proposal/applicant, as described below. The amount of funding available for the two-year period is approximately $250,000 in local funds and up to $2 million in HOME funds as the result of an increase in funding through the 2021 American Rescue Plan. The Housing Mitigation (HMF) and Low-Moderate Housing funds are intended to be set-aside to cover the cost of supportive services and program administration activities – while HOME funds will be set-aside to pay for rental assistance and security deposits for program participants.

TBRA Program Requirements

TBRA Administrators must develop, maintain and implement policies that reflect and document the following (including but not limited to): 1) tenant selection policies/procedures 2) initial/ongoing eligibility processes (i.e., income eligibility, rent calculation, rent comparable process, Housing Quality Standards, etc.) AND 3) ongoing commitment to individual participant record keeping and file maintenance that ensures compliance with all HOME rules and regulations.

Eligible Applicants

  • Applicants must be non-profit organizations with current, IRS-recognized non-profit status, including public agencies, and must provide current documentation of such status in applications.
  • Additionally, the City is searching for a TBRA Administrator that can make a two-year commitment to administering the program.

Eligible Activities

The City is seeking one Administrator for its TBRA program – and seeking innovative proposals for a time-limited (up to two years) rental assistance program, including supportive services, to support low-income households as they work toward self-sufficiency. HOME rules are flexible regarding the types of TBRA programs that may be developed – from a program that serves the entire community to reduce household rent burdens to a program designed to serve a targeted population, such as the unhoused or persons with disabilities. The City is open to new and innovative approaches, as long as they are in compliance with HOME rules and regulations, and meet the objectives of the TBRA program:

  • HOME Specific Eligible Activities:
    • Rental Assistance (HOME)
    • Security Deposit Assistance (HOME)
  • HMF Specific Eligible Activities:
    • Program Administration Costs
  • Low-Moderate Housing Fund Specific Eligible Activities:
    • Supportive Services and Case Management

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