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Grants to improve the Quality of Life in Crawford County (Pennsylvania)


The Crawford Heritage Community Foundation is currently accepting applications for its Discretionary Grant Program to improve the quality of life in Crawford County, Pennsylvania.

Donor Name: Crawford Heritage Community Foundation

State: Pennsylvania

County: Crawford County (PA)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 06/15/2023

Size of the Grant: $1,000



The Foundation recognizes that community life can be improved and enhanced in a variety of ways. With that recognition, they support projects/programs that improve the quality of life in Crawford County, PA through:

Funding Information

They have limited funds available for grants. The average award is $1,000.00. Historically, grant awards have ranged from $200.00 to $3,000.00.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • They do accept grant applications from:
    • Tax-exempt nonprofit entities
    • Governmental bodies
    • Municipalities
    • Schools
  • They do not  accept grant applications for:
    • Annual campaigns or endowments
    • Routine operating expenses
    • (i.e., salaries, rent, and/or utilities)
    • Political purposes
    • Loans.


The Foundation will give preference to proposals which:

  • Incorporate preventive and/or curative approaches to addressing significant community problems
  • Promote cooperation among existing agencies
  • Avoid program duplication within their service area
  • Improve upon the effectiveness of existing organizations
  • Have multiple funding sources and can leverage other financial sources
  • Have identifiable and measurable impact upon community
  • Utilize volunteers effectively.

For more information, visit CHCF.

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