Grant Program to help Mitigate the Impacts of COVID-19 on Low- and Moderate-income Beneficiaries – Oregon

Business Oregon has announced CDBG Cares Act fund for COVID-19 Impact Assistance Program to help mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on low- and moderate-income beneficiaries.​

Donor Name: Business Oregon

State: Oregon

County: All Counties

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 05/31/2022

Size of the Grant: $750,000​​

Grant Duration: 12 months


Program Overview

Food Bank​, ​Child Care Assistance & Broadband Assistance for LMI​ Families and Communities

  • In the effort to accommodate much​ needed assistance to mitigate the impact of Covid-19, funding is available for:
    • Food Bank Assistance—food bank facility expansion or storage rental, and food distribution to accommodate for expanded services to LMI families caused by COVID-19.
    • Emergency Childcare Assistance—providing childcare to low- and moderate-income kids to allow parents to return back to work
    • Broadband Assistance—assist in providing broadband/internet connection assistance to low- and moderate-income (LMI) families and planning for expansion to LMI communities to allow distance learning, telehealth, and remote work from home and social distancing purposes.
    • Special Economic Development Assistance—to support new businesses or business expansion to create jobs and manufacture medical supplies necessary to respond to infectious disease.​

Public Facilities Improvements & Special Economic Development

  • Buildings (including Public Facilities) Improvements—to accommodate facilities necessary to respond to impact of infectious disease, such as construct a facility for testing, diagnosis, or treatment; rehabilitate a community facility to establish an infectious disease treatment clinic.
  • Eligible Activities are:
    • acquisition construction, reconstruction, or installation of public works, facilities, and site or other improvements
    • rehabilitation of buildings and improvements including interim assistance)

​​Public Services

  • This grant program is dedicated to provide new or quantifiable increased public services in response to infectious disease. Eligible Activities are:
    • Provision of new or quantifiably increased public services

Funding Information

  • Food Bank​, ​Child Care Assistance & Broadband Assistance for LMI​ Families and Communities: $250,000
  • Public Facilities Improvements & Special Economic Development: $750,000​​
  • ​​Public Services: $50,000
    • Project Turnkey Public Service Maximum: may be up to $250,000; subsequent grant administration up to 10% of grant award.​

Project Completion Period

All activities must be completed and the Project Completion Report submitted within 12 months from contract execution.

Eligible Applicants

Oregon cities, counties and tribes.

For more information, visit Business Oregon.