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Funding available for Behavioral Health Programs in Colorado


The Larimer County Behavioral Health Services is now accepting applications for grants through the 2023 Impact Fund Grant Program for programs and projects that support the behavioral health of Larimer County.

Donor Name: Larimer County Behavioral Health Services

State: Colorado


Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 06/30/2023

Size of the Grant: $10,000 to $150,000

Grant Duration: 12 months


The Impact Fund Grant Program was created to invest funds each year to enrich community-based behavioral health services. Over the course of the 20-year sales tax initiative, the Impact Fund will have invested millions of dollars into local behavioral health community programming with a commitment to the following funding priorities:

  • Access & Affordability
  • Care Coordination & System Integration
  • Early Identification & Intervention
  • Stigma Reduction & Public Awareness
  • Quality Care
  • Prevention

Types of Grant Funding

Impact Fund grants are restricted to funding programs/projects that address the behavioral health needs of Larimer County community members. BHS currently funds organizations through two types of grants: Targeted Grants and Responsive Grants.

Funding Information

Program/Project support grants generally range from $10,000 to $150,000.  Requests up to the maximum of $250,000 are considered.

Period of Performance

12 months

Eligibility Criteria

In general, eligible organizations include most entity types in operation for more than one year and providing behavioral health services, directly or indirectly, to residents of Larimer County.


  • Have an EIN and be in good standing with the IRS
  • Organizations are based in the U.S. with a valid Tax ID # and U.S. bank account
  • Organizations must be doing business for at least one year (from Sept. 1, 2021) and be able to demonstrate how they currently generate impact in an application

BHS does not offer general operating support grants. BHS grant dollars are restricted funds for the purpose of providing behavioral health services, directly or indirectly, to residents of Larimer County and limit the overhead costs to 20% of the budget.


In general, Behavioral Health Services will NOT fund:

  • General operating budgets or budget deficits of established organizations
  • Organizations that do not serve Larimer County residents
  • Organizations and/or programs that willfully discriminate against a particular class of individuals or require membership in a certain religion
  • Lobbying, political campaigns, or legislative issues
  • Individuals, teams, and/or unaffiliated clubs
  • Debt retirement
  • Fundraising or sponsorship events
  • Capital campaigns
  • Endowments
  • Restitution
  • Efforts with the purpose of re-granting the funds
  • Equipment over $5,000
  • Organizations that do not provide direct or indirect behavioral health-related services
  • More than 25% of an organization’s annual operating income/revenue
  • Requests that supplant public (government) funding.

For more information, visit Impact Fund.

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