Community Services Fund for Human Service Programs in the City of Falls Church

The Community Services Fund (CSF) provides grants, through a competitive process, for human service programs and activities operating in the City of Falls Church.

Donor Name: City of Falls Church

State: Virginia

City: Falls Church

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/10/2021

Size of the Grant: $86,000


The program is administered through the City’s Housing and Human Services unit (HHS). Oversight and program selection are done by the Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC), a citizen appointed commission.

Grant Amount

The total amount of funds available is expected to be about $86,000 for fiscal year 2023, and the grant amounts for each application selected can vary.

Grant Criteria

  • Applicants must be nonprofit organizations serving City of Falls Church residents. Applicants may apply for either a specific program or activity serving City residents and/or general administrative expenses as it relates to the program or activity serving City residents.

Grant Requirements

Organizations receiving grants will receive a contract prior to the start of the fiscal year (July 1, 2023). The contract outlines procedures for reimbursement and reporting requirements. Grantees must submit a standardized quarterly report of outcome measures based on the program proposal and number of City residents served.

Application Process

The Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC) reviews all applications and may hold a public hearing to gain further information. If needed, the public hearing will be held in January 2022. HSAC will make recommendations to present to City Council in February 2022. The funding recommendations are considered as part of the City budget process in March and April. HSAC will evaluate the grant proposals using the following criteria. Items are not necessarily weighted equally nor listed in order of importance.

  • Critical Need Fulfillment: Grant funding will materially impact the fulfillment of a critical need(s) within the City of Falls Church.
  • Action Plan Quality: The proposal includes an action plan with meaningful and measurable target outcomes, and the plan presents a well-conceived approach that is likely to result in success.
  • Organizational Capacity: The applicant has the organizational capacity to implement the Action Plan, track outcomes, and succeed with the project.
  • Budget/Financial Plan and Efficiency: The program budget is reasonable and the applicant will apply grant funds toward the efficient operation of the program.

For more information, visit Community Services Fund.