Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG) – New York

The City of Albany annually receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The City maximizes the benefits of these funds by partnering with local non-profit organizations to conduct eligible Public Services activities.

Donor Name: Albany Community Development Agency

State: New York

City: Albany

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/31/2022

Size of the Grant: $200,000


The primary objective of the CDBG program is the “development of viable urban communities by providing decent housing and suitable living environments and expanding economic opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income individuals.”

Applications for CDBG funding must meet one of the following HUD national objectives. A proposal that fails to meet one of these objectives is ineligible.

  • Directly benefit low- and moderate-income persons:
    • The program must benefit at least 51% low- and moderate-income persons. Public service activities will qualify under this category in most circumstances.
  • Aid in the prevention or elimination of slum or blight:
    • Expenditures under this category are limited to 30 percent of the City’s expenditures.
  • Meet an urgent need:
    • The activity provides a remedy to a serious and immediate health or welfare problem, such as a natural disaster; and there are no other funds available; and the problem is of a recent origin. (Note: This category is used only in extraordinary circumstances.)

Available Funds

The City of Albany has not received it’s allocation for Year 48. It is anticipating a reduction in funding levels from year 47. For purposes of this grant application, there will be a total of $200,000 available for public service requests. Please plan your requests with this in mind. Final awards and funding amount will be determined based on the actual funding amount received from HUD.

CDBG funds are not intended to sustain a program for an indefinite period of time. Effective immediately, agencies would need to reapply for funding each program year, up to a maximum of three program years. After receiving three consecutive years of funding, funded programs will no longer be eligible to apply for funding in the fourth year. Please keep this in mind as you develop your narrative and budget for Year 48.

If your agency has a program that was funded with CDBG funds for three years, and you are considering applying for Year 48 funds for a different program, please remember the following:

  • Programs Previously funded for three years are not eligible for Year 48 funding
  • A program that has been in existence at your agency, but not funded with CDBG funds is still not eligible for funding under this RFP. Your agency may apply for funding for a NEW program that will start with this funding cycle.

Eligible Public Services

Public services are social service activities in the community that benefit low- to moderate-income citizens and may include, but are not limited to, services related to employment, childcare, health, drug abuse, education, and energy conservation.

The following are examples of eligible CDBG public service programs:

Ineligible Activities

Generally, the following types of activities are ineligible:

  • Acquisition, construction, or reconstruction of buildings for the general conduct of government;
    Political activities;
  • Certain income payments and construction of new housing by units of general local government.
  • Substitution of CDBG funds for current levels of state or local governmental funding for a service is prohibited.

Eligible Organizations

Non-profit organizations that deliver services to low- and moderate-income clients within the city of Albany may apply for CDBG funding through the City of Albany’s Community Development Agency. All non-profit organizations must have an IRS-granted nonprofit status at the time of application to receive funding through the City of Albany.

For more information, visit Community Development Block Grant Funds.