Community Development Block Grant – Capital and Affordable Housing Projects Funding in California

The City of Sunnyvale is seeking applications for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)-eligible capital projects benefitting lower-income persons. A very limited number of CDBG projects not involving improvements to real property may be funded in the form of a grant, such as activities by community-based development organizations (CBDOs).

Donor Name: City of Sunnyvale

State: California

City: Sunnyvale

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 02/11/2022

Size of the Grant: $100,000


CDBG activities must qualify under a HUD national objective in order to be eligible to receive funding. The City of Sunnyvale is responsible for assuring that projects assisted with its CDBG funds through this RFP meet one of the following national objectives:

  • Benefit lower-income persons: A project may be shown to benefit lower-income persons through one of the following methods:
    • Area Benefit: Projects that meet the identified needs of lower-income persons residing in an identified residential service area where at least 51% of the residents are lower income.
    • Limited Clientele: Projects that benefit a specific group of people, at least 51% of whom are verified as lower-income clients;
    • Jobs: Employment-generating activities that are located in a predominantly lower- income neighborhood and serve lower-income residents, or involve facilities designed for use predominantly by lower-income persons, or involve the employment of persons, the majority of whom are lower-income.

Funding Information

The City of Sunnyvale anticipates receiving a CDBG grant from HUD for Program Year 2022. The amount of that grant is currently unknown. Some of the grant is typically allocated to public services and other activities funded outside of this RFP. This RFP seeks to award available CDBG funds, including program income, to eligible projects, as described below, for completion in FY 2022/23. The amount of funding available is not known at this time, however the City estimates approximately $730,000 in CDBG.

Proposals may request awards of higher amounts to be funded on a contingency basis if funds become available before the final awards are made. Capital project proposals must be at least $100,000, with applicants providing additional funds to the project from other sources (match). The award amounts are based on the project’s identified funding gap, availability of the requested funding type, project merits, and the number of eligible proposals received. Funds for CDBG and capital projects are provided in the form of a loan secured by the real property to be improved. A very limited number of CDBG projects not involving improvements to real property may be funded in the form of a grant, such as activities by community-based development organizations (CBDOs) located in Sunnyvale. Local Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) are encouraged to apply for HOME CHDO funds.

Eligible Projects

The following types of CDBG eligible projects may be funded through this RFP. CDBG projects must also meet one of the National Objectives described above. Detailed federal regulations apply to each type of project or activity:

  • Acquisition of real property for an eligible community facility or affordable housing use;
  • Public facilities and improvements (e.g., community centers, neighborhood improvements, shelters);
  • Property clearance/demolition;
  • Housing rehabilitation;
  • Removal of architectural barriers;
  • Community-Based Development Organization (CBDO) activities (job training, placement, employment support) described in CFR §570.204(a)(2).

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must be non-profit organizations with current, IRS-recognized non-profit status, including public agencies, and must provide current documentation of such status in applications.

For more information, visit Community Development Block Grant.