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City of Aspen’s Grant Program for Non-profit Organizations ($5000 or Less) – Colorado


The City of Aspen is seeking applications for its Grant Program to support non-profit organizations that promote a mentally and physically healthy community; provide protection for our natural environment; and create opportunities for connections for all community members, through partnerships, ease of access, stewardship, arts and cultural enrichment, and innovation.

Donor Name: City of Aspen

State: Colorado

City: Aspen

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/07/2022

Size of the Grant: $5000 or less


Since 2011, the City of Aspen has contributed more than $13 million in grant funding to our local non-profits in recognition of the vital role they play in their community.

This application is used for all three City grant programs:

  • Arts and Cultural Grants
    • The City of Aspen supports artistically excellent non-profit organizations which contribute to the cultural vibrancy of their community.
  • Community Grants
    • The City of Aspen supports and enhances non-profit organizations which create and deliver high impact community programming.
  • Health and Human Services Grants
    • The City of Aspen strives to be a healthy and resilient community by supporting a comprehensive system of accessible mental and physical health care, human services, and community resources.

Funding Information

Grants are awarded $ 5000 or less.

Eligible Applicants

The City only funds nonprofit service organizations, not commercial for-profit entities or other grant-making entities. The City does not fund capital requests, scholarships or fundraisers. Normally, only one application per organization is acceptable; exceptions include circumstances when the Board and the budget of a smaller program are separated from the Board and budget of a larger umbrella organization.

For more information, visit The City of Aspen’s Grant Program.

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