2023 Rural Hospital Planning and Transition Grant (Minnesota)

The Minnesota Department of Health is seeking applications for its Rural Hospital Planning and Transition Grant Program to award grants to eligible hospitals.

Donor Name: Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)

State: Minnesota

County: Selected Counties

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 01/27/2023

Size of the Grant: $45,000

Grant Duration: 12 months


The program helps small hospitals (50 or fewer beds) preserve or enhance access to health services through planning or implementation projects.


Health Equity Priorities

It is the policy of the State of Minnesota to ensure fairness, precision, equity and consistency in competitive grant awards. This includes implementing diversity and inclusion in grant-making. The Policy on Rating Criteria for Competitive Grant Review establishes the expectation that grant programs intentionally identify how the grant serves diverse populations, especially populations experiencing inequities and/or disparities.

In determining which hospitals will receive grants the following criteria shall be considered:

  • improving community access to hospital or health services;
  • changes in service populations;
  • availability and upgrading of ambulatory and emergency services;
  • the extent that the health needs of the community are not currently being met by other providers in the service area;
  • the need to recruit and retain health professionals;
  • the extent of community support;
  • the integration of health care services and the coordination with local community organizations, such as community development and public health agencies; and
  • the financial condition of the hospital.

This grant will serve:

  • Hospitals outside of the seven-county metropolitan area
  • Small, nonprofit hospitals with 50 or fewer beds
  • Hospitals providing general, acute care
  • Hospitals needing to create strategic plans for future success
  • Hospitals transitioning through their existing strategic plans to ensure longevity of services

Grant outcomes will include:

  • Establish a sustainable strategic plan to preserve or enhance access to health services for rural populations
  • Implement projects and modify as necessary to reflect the needs of rural constituents and the plan

Funding Information

  • Estimated Amount to Grant $250,000
  • Estimated Number of Awards 10
  • Estimated Award Maximum $45,000
  • Estimated Award Minimum $25,000

Project Period

June 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024

Eligible Projects

Grants may be used by hospitals and their communities to develop strategic plans for preserving or enhancing access to health services. and  implementing transition projects to modify the type and extent of services provided, based on an existing plan. At a minimum, a strategic plan must consist of:

  • a needs assessment to determine what health services are needed and desired by the community. The assessment must include interviews with or surveys of area health professionals, local community leaders, and public hearings;
  • an assessment of the feasibility of providing needed health services that identifies priorities and timeliness for potential changes; and
  • an implementation plan.

Eligibility Criteria

An eligible applicant for this grant program is a non-profit, non-federal, general acute care hospital in Minnesota that also satisfies the following criteria:

  • Hospitals outside of the seven-county metropolitan area
  • Small, non-profit hospitals with 50 or fewer beds
  • Hospitals providing general, acute care located in a rural area, or in a community with a population of less than 15,000 according to United States Census Bureau statistics

For more information, visit Rural Hospital Planning and Transition Grant.