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Grassroots Grants for Nonprofit Arts Organizations in Watauga County   


Watauga County Arts Council is seeking applications for its Grassroots Grants to support quality arts programs that reach and impact a broad cross-section of the county’s citizens and youth.

Donor Name: Watauga County Arts Council

State: North Carolina

County: Watauga County

Type of Grant: Grant

Type of Entity: Nonprofit Arts Organizations, Schools, Libraries, Agencies, Multicultural Organizations

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 11/29/2021

Size of the Grant: $500 – $2,000


The purpose is to provide support for quality programming in the performing, visual, literary and traditional arts. Programming choices are responsive to community needs and demonstrate improvement and innovation. Programming choices also engage constituents across geographic, cultural, social and economic strata.

Priorities of the Grant

  • The first priority of the Grassroots Arts subgrant program is to provide operating or program support to qualified arts organizations not already receiving or eligible to receive support from the N.C. Arts Council. These include theaters, symphonies, galleries, art guilds, choral societies, dance companies, folk arts societies, writers’ groups and arts festivals, among others.
  • The second priority of the Grassroots Arts subgrant program is to support arts learning and arts in education programs conducted by qualified artists. These can be artist residencies in schools, afterschool or summer camps or adult arts learning classes.
  • The third priority of Grassroots Arts subgrants is to provide multicultural programming through community, civic and municipal organizations. These programs must be conducted by qualified artists.

Grant Amount

Typical requests range from $500 – $2,000.

Funds may be used for

  • Performances
  • Festivals
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Arts camps and after-school programs Artist Residencies for schools
  • Artist fees for classes and workshops Website development
  • Research
  • Marketing expenses for Art Walks and Studio Tours
  • Royalties, props, sets, and costumes for theatre performances

Who’s Eligible

  • Watauga County nonprofit arts organizations, schools, libraries, agencies, multicultural organizations seeking to provide arts programming, and more. Applicant must have operated for more than one year. Applicant/organization must not be late on tax payments.

Who Evaluates Applications

  • Grant applications are evaluated by a diverse panel of community members and voted on by the Watauga Arts Council Board of Directors.​

For more information, visit Grassroots Grants.

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