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Strategic Demolition Fund for Community Development Organizations in Baltimore City (Maryland)


Project C.O.R.E. – Creating Opportunities for Renewal and Enterprise – aims to eliminate blight in Baltimore City and make way for new green space, new affordable and mixed use housing, and new and greater opportunities for businesses to innovate and grow.

Donor Name: Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

State: Maryland

City: Baltimore City

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 06/29/2023

Size of the Grant: $20 million


Project C.O.R.E. Goals

The goals of Project C.O.R.E. are to support community growth in Baltimore City, utilizing three overarching goals:

  • Goal 1: Eliminate blight through strategic building demolition and stabilization.
  • Goal 2: Improve economic opportunity and quality of life in Baltimore City neighborhoods.
  • Goal 3: Encourage new investment in Baltimore City communities through attractive financing and other incentives.

Project C.O.R.E. Priorities

Projects that significantly build upon existing community strengths and assets will be a priority, including:

  • Proximity to 21st Century School investments.
  • Proximity to Anchor Institutions (Universities and Hospitals).
  • Proximity to other major investments, such as major rental preservation projects such as RAD.
  • Proximity to transit and transit-oriented development, including MDOT’s BaltimoreLink and CityLink corridors of focus.
  • Implementation of projects identified in local planning documents, such as Baltimore City’s Green Network Plan.
  • Reuse of landmark historic buildings.
  • Projects that build upon and expand residential market strength, for instance through homeownership in designated historic districts.
  • Creating workforce development and job training opportunities for Baltimore City residents, especially those with barriers to employment
  • Projects aligned with investments being made in Opportunity Zones.

Funding Information

Grant Amount: $20 million capital

Eligible Activities

Project C.O.R.E. funds may be used for costs associated with eliminating blight within designated Sustainable Communities in the City of Baltimore.

Specific eligible activities are:

  • Acquisition – cost associated with purchasing vacant buildings and/or land. Properties may be owned by private or public entities. Related-party acquisitions will be subject to additional review by DHCD.
  • Demolition/deconstruction – cost to demolish blighted structures.
  • Stabilization – cost to complete structural and other critical repairs necessary to stabilize an existing structure, remove any materials that will not be used in the completed project, remove hazardous materials (e.g. asbestos, lead paint, etc.) and other costs approved by DHCD that are associated with preparing a currently vacant structure for redevelopment.
  • Site Development – cost to prepare a vacant site for new construction activities, including the removal of unsuitable soils/fill, hazardous materials, and the installation of new infrastructure (off-site and on-site).
  • Architectural and Engineering – cost of architectural and engineering professional services directly associated with the project.

Applicants must complete a supplemental document as part of the application focused on the program’s key targets – eliminating blight and vacancy through the rehabilitation or demolition of vacant and abandoned properties.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Project C.O.R.E. funds are administered through two tracks: Maryland Stadium Authority and Competitive Application Process. The funds allocated to the Maryland Stadium Authority are administered by the Authority to hire contractors to demolish vacant properties in collaboration with Baltimore City. Competitive funds are administered through the annual State Revitalization Programs competitive application process. Use this document as guidance to apply for competitive funds.
  • There are two types of eligible applicants for Project C.O.R.E. competitive funding: City of Baltimore agencies and nonprofit Community Development Organizations (CDOs) in Baltimore City.
  • The Department encourages eligible applicants to form partnerships with other organizations (for-profits, nonprofits, etc.) when applying for Project C.O.R.E. funding. The complexity of undertaking projects that involve the elimination of blight and redevelopment are a strong incentive for applicants to work with other entities with the experience and expertise to initiate, undertake and complete redevelopment activities.

For more information, visit MDHCD.

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