City of Oakland Direct Community Grant Program (California)

The City of Oakland, Finance Department is pleased to announce the new Direct Community Grants program.

Donor Name: City of Oakland

State: California

City: Oakland

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 03/01/2023


This annual grant program is designed to address funding barriers and continue the City’s long history of supporting community-based organizations (CBOs) serving Oakland residents most impacted by racial disparities. The Direct Community Grants Program aims to provide resources to Oakland’s underserved communities disproportionately affected by social, economic, and environmental challenges by funding support programs and services in these communities.

Through this grant program, the City recognizes the collective responsibility to advance racial equity by investing in community organizations proactively working to advance racial equity by:

  • Funding organizations that serve communities impacted by racial disparities;
  • Funding organizations that engage and inform members of these communities on how to access its programs and services; and
  • Funding organizations that demonstrate the removal of racial barriers so members of these communities can be empowered to access programs and services and better their lives.

This Request For Proposal (RFP) is being issued to ensure a fair, equitable process, increase grant awarding fairness, and expand the opportunity for any interested organization, especially small, local non-profits to seek grant funding from the City of Oakland to serve Oakland’s residents by those who know Oakland best.

Proposal Requirements

Unlike a traditional RFP where the City outlines the scope of work, this RFP allows for the prospective Grantee to determine what program or service will be provided and the details of the scope of work. Organizations are to develop and submit a proposal that clearly explains the proposed grant project, the scope of services, demonstrate the need of the grant project, explain how the project expands the City’s equity goals, and how the project aligns with City Council priorities.

Alignment with Citywide and City Council Priorities

  • Affordable Housing & Homelessness Solutions
  • Public Safety & Violence Prevention
  • Good Jobs and Vibrant Economy
  • Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Neighborhoods
  • Holistic Community Safety
  • Housing, Economic & Cultural Security
  • Vibrant, Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Responsive, Trustworthy Government

Advancement of Racial Equity

Equity means all people have full and equal access to opportunities that enable them to attain their full potential.

  • Location/Priority Neighborhood
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Racial Groups/Demographics
  • Health & Safety
  • Other

For more information, visit Community Grant Program.