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Snohomish County’s 2022 Historic Preservation Grants Program


Snohomish County is accepting applications for the 2022 Historic Preservation Grant Program to support projects that promote the public’s access to county history. Funding is available for professional development, public education, capital improvements or collections enhancement.

Donor Name: Snohomish County Government

State: Washington

County: Snohomish County (WA)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/17/2022


The Historic Preservation Commission continues to work on improving the effectiveness of the Community Heritage Grant program, intended to assist the collection, preservation and interpretation of Snohomish County’s heritage. Changes for the 2018 round of grant applications included increased total funding, implementation of a “large grant” program to assist with multi-year projects or projects, revisions to the guidelines for the matching funds, and refinement of the reimbursement process. Changes for the 2019 round include refinements in the application itself, more closely aligning the questions with the intent of the overall program and grant request evaluation.

The program is funded with a portion of document recording fees collected by the Snohomish County Auditor. The allocation of these fees for projects that “promote historical preservation or historical programs, which may include preservation of historic documents” is authorized under RCW 36.22.170 (referred to in the application as HB1386 funds).

By providing granted funds on a competitive basis, the Historic Preservation Commission’s Historic Preservation Grant program supports projects that preserve and enhance Snohomish County history for residents, visitors and future generations.

Funding Categories

To qualify for support, projects must align with one of the four program funding categories:

  • Professional Development: This category provides support for activities that enhance the capabilities of the board, staff and volunteers of non-profit organizations to collect preserve and interpret history in Snohomish County.
  • Public Programming: This category provides support for activities that incorporate county history into educational programming for the general public.
  • Capital Improvements & Equipment: This category provides support for projects that help heritage organizations improve their functional capacity and better serve their communities, by providing funds that assist in the design, construction, and/or restoration of heritage facilities and equipment.
  • Collections Management: This category provides support for projects that assist nonprofit heritage organizations to effectively execute their stewardship obligations of their collections.

Eligibility Criteria

Snohomish County-based nonprofit cultural organizations and public agencies that provide heritage services to the public are eligible to apply. All proposed projects must have a clear heritage focus that relates to an aspect of Snohomish County history.

Additional eligibility criteria:

  • All projects must demonstrate a clearly defined public benefit.
  • Priority may be given to projects that do not already receive funding from the Historic Preservation surcharge.
  • Proposals must have a clearly defined product and include a strategy for objectively measuring the success of the project at its conclusion.
  • Project budgets must establish how any grant, plus cash or in-kind match, will suffice for project completion.
  • Operating costs (staff, utilities, rent, etc.) are not eligible for funding.

While not a requirement, it will be considered favorably when sponsors recognize the economic development potential of local history and include active coordination with the county’s tourism industry in their project work plans.

For more information, visit 2022 Community Heritage Program.

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