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Collections Care Grant Program – Washington


4Culture is seeking applications for its Collections Care Grant to help King County’s archivists, librarians, and historians protect the real, tangible objects that make up history so that the generations of today and tomorrow can continue to learn from them.

Donor Name: 4Culture

State: Washington

County: King County (WA)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 08/10/2022


You can use this grant for:

  • Care of historic and cultural materials, artifacts, and archival records including the purchase of materials and consumable supplies used for collections care purposes.
  • Developing and/or implementing a collections management policy, improving emergency preparedness plans, instituting and improving security methods for collections.
  • Performing collections needs assessment surveys and implementing recommendations, completing inventories, descriptive catalog, and/or condition surveys, bridging a funding gap to conduct assessments such as Museum Assessment Program, Collections Assessment for Preservation Program, or Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations.
  • Digitization of collections or archives to minimize handling.
  • Training and professional development for staff and/or volunteers in preventive collections management.
  • Fees for conservators, heritage specialists, interns for collections care projects; fees directed to staff, if their work on the project is outside their regular job duties and payment is above-and-beyond their regular compensation structure.

Are you and your project eligible?

  • You must be a King County-based nonprofit heritage or arts organization—museum, archive, public agency, community association—that collects and preserves historic artifacts, photographs, documents, and ephemera.
  • This program gives priority to basic collections issues and provides institutions with support to evaluate collections needs and to implement resulting recommendations.
  • They do not fund K-12 schools, school districts, or religious institutions.
  • Your request amount should be at least $1,000, but no more than $8,000.
  • Your proposed project must focus primarily on collecting, cataloguing, inventorying, and/or preserving the
  • historical record in King County, i.e. historic and cultural materials, artifacts, and archival records.
    Your project should demonstrate a public benefit to King County residents and visitors—learn more about that requirement in the “What Collections Care Funds” section of this page.

For more information, visit Collections Care Grant.

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