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Art Commission Grant for Local Arts and Cultural Events in Colorado


The Commission on Arts and Culture is seeking proposals from organizations to support local arts and cultural events, projects, and programs. Any non-profit organization or governmental/educational agency in the state of Colorado bringing their project to Grand Junction may apply.

Donor Name: City of Grand Junction Commission

State: Colorado

County: Mesa County (CO)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 02/01/2022

Size of the Grant: $4,200

Grant Duration: 1 Year


The Commission is interested in how each project or cultural event impacts jobs in the creative industry, for the local non-profit arts and cultural community and local working artists of all types – performing, visual, literary, and historical/heritage.

This grant program, as with most grant programs, helps provide employment, sales, or performance opportunities for working artists and those who work for cultural non-profits by supporting a broad range of community cultural events, exhibits, presentations, and projects. It is important to remember that the arts are industry and that the business of art, in all its many forms, is an essential economic element of our community.


  • Goal 1: To support local arts and cultural organizations:
    • Objectives:
      • Create and maintain jobs in the arts and cultural industry
      • Encourage collaborative efforts and partnerships
      • Facilitate new avenues of expression
  • Goal 2: To enrich the community of the Grand Valley:
    • Objectives:
      • Expand the audience for the arts
      • Educate the community about the arts and new forms of artistic expression
      • Reflect the diversity and cultural heritage of the area
      • Encourage cultural tourism
  • Goal 3: To elevate excellence in the arts and in culture:
    • Objectives:
      • Inspire local artists through exposure to and interaction with national and international artists
      • Support activities that establish higher standards and integrity
      • Provide opportunities for beginning artists to grow and develop their talents

Funding Information

  • Funding Available: $45,000 to non-profit arts and cultural organizations.
  • Events must take place between March 31, 2022 – March 31, 2023.
  • Requests may not exceed $4,200 for projects


  • The applicant must be in Colorado. Priority may be given to Mesa County organizations which utilize Mesa County artists.
  • The event/project/program must take place in Grand Junction and must happen between March 31, 2022, and March 31, 2023.
  • The total request for funding may not exceed $4200. Preference will be given to expenditures that pay artists or are arts related.
  • The applicant will submit a complete and timely proposal in a format outlined by the Commission and make a presentation about the proposal to the Commission. Performing Arts organizations must provide a visual representation of their performance or like performance during their presentation.
  • Grants will be awarded only to non-profit organizations or agencies, not individuals. Organizations are not required to have 501(c)(3) status but must be a corporation in good standing with the Colo. Sect. of State (or pending) and meet federal 501(c)(3) requirements.
  • Each organization may submit only one individual grant request; however, an organization may submit a second grant request for a project which involves other nonprofit organizations as equal partners and is clearly intended to be a broad-based collaborative venture.
  • District 51 must apply on behalf of an individual school program.
  • The applicant will submit a complete and timely report in person to the Art Commission within 60 days of completion of the project or will forfeit consideration of future funding from the Commission for a 2- year period.
  • Effective 2021, priority will be given to organizations that have not received funding for 3 previous consecutive years from the Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture, including the year 2018.

What The Commission Does Not Fund

  • Scholarships or prizes of any kind
  • Fundraisers
  • Capital expenditures or equipment purchases over $1,500
  • General operating expenditures exclusively
  • Projects intended to reduce previously incurred deficits
  • Organizations that have received funding for same project from City Council in the current year.

Application Review Criteria

  • The artistic merit and quality of the project.
  • The diversity, innovation, interdisciplinary focus, and or organizational collaboration.
  • The artistic and administrative capability of the applicant to complete the project.
  • The significance, impact, or educational benefit of the proposal to the community.
  • The appropriateness of the proposed budget.
  • The extent to which the organization seeks community involvement, volunteer participation, and/or additional financial contributions.

For more information, visit Art Commission Grant.

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