City of Bakersfield: HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) – California

The City of Bakersfield is accepting applications for its HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) which is funded through the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Donor Name: City of Bakersfield

State: California

City: Bakersfield

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/23/2021


The HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) was created to:

  • Provide decent affordable housing to low- and moderate-income households;
  • Expand capacity of nonprofit housing providers;
  • Strengthen the ability of state and local governments to provide affordable housing; and
  • Leverage private sector participation in affordable housing production.

Eligible Activities

The HOME Program funds a variety of housing activities, such as:

  • Rehabilitation, improvement, or modification of an existing residential structure;
  • Conversion of an existing structure from an alternative use to affordable, residential housing;
  • Reconstruction or rebuilding a residential structure on the same lot and for the same usage as the former structure (number of units in new structure must be similar to previous structure);
  • New Construction of housing units – funding cannot be used for existing properties even if they are newly constructed. In order for a project to be considered eligible, construction activities may only commence following approval of funding, the appropriate environmental review, and a Notice to Proceed from the City of Bakersfield;
  • Tenant-based Rental Assistance (TBRA);
  • Acquisition of property is eligible either as part of a homebuyer program or a rental housing project;
  • Acquisition of vacant land using HOME funds may be accomplished only if construction will begin on a HOME eligible project within 12 months of purchase;
  • Building of new, on-site infrastructure (sidewalks, sewer and water lines, utility connections, etc.) where they had not previously existed is permissible only when such improvements are essential to the development of the project;
  • Demolition of a structure is an eligible HOME activity only if construction will begin on the HOME eligible project within 12 months of the demolition;
  • Relocation payments and other relocation assistance, both permanent and temporary, are eligible costs;
  • Project soft costs such as private lender origination fees, credit reports, title reports and updates, recordation fees, appraisal fees, attorney’s fees, etc., are eligible HOME expenses.

Project Benefit

  • Provide area map(s) identifying the project location and the area boundaries to be served by the project.
  • Describe who will benefit from this project (i.e., residents of a given area, specific age group, ethnic group, disabled persons, etc.).
  • Describe how low- and moderate-income persons (≤ 80% of median income) will benefit from this project and how this can be verified.
  • Estimate number of persons and/or households benefitting from the project.

Project Timeline

Please attach a project implementation schedule outlining the anticipated start and ending dates for each applicable activity: property acquisition, facility design, construction, or installation (note: City’s fiscal year starts July 1 and ends June 30).

Eligible Program Beneficiaries

The HOME Program beneficiaries are homeowners and tenants with annual (gross) incomes no greater than 80% of median income.

For more information, visit City of Bakersfield.