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Creative Renewal Fellowship for Mecklenburg County


The Creative Renewal Fellowship program serves as an opportunity to resource Arts & Science Council’s belief that a continued investment in creative individuals (in arts, science and history) who make Charlotte-Mecklenburg home benefits the region’s overall cultural climate.

Donor Name: Arts & Science Council (ASC)

State: North Carolina

County: Mecklenburg County (NC)

Type of Grant: Fellowship

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/24/2022

Size of the Grant: $15,000

Grant Duration: 1 Year 2 Months


Creative Renewal Fellowships are funded through the generous support of the City of Charlotte through the Infusion Fund, and Mecklenburg County.

The fellowship funds can be used for research, instruction, conferences, apprenticeships, travel, or other experiences that help the recipient explore his or her creative journey.

The fellowship is distinct from professional development opportunities because it focuses on personal renewal with the belief that the entire community will benefit through investments in individuals in the creative community. It is similar to the concept of a sabbatical that the academic community has developed to keep the educational community infused with new energy. It is, however, vastly different from a typical artist project grant in that it is designed specifically to address the pursuit of creative renewal without the constraints of budgets or sometimes even specific project outcomes. The only outcome required is creative renewal.

Fellowship activities must occur between April 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023 as determined by the applicant. Examples of possible fellowship activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Exploration of new ideas
  • Pursuit of new or familiar avenues of creative expression
  • Research and/or instruction
  • Conferences or retreats
  • Fellowship activities may be conducted anywhere in the world. Funds may be used for travel, housing, and/or the equipment necessary to conduct proposed activities.
  • Fellows will be responsible for making all arrangements and/or purchases for fellowship activities.
  • Fellowship funds may not be used for tuition toward degree-seeking course work

Funding Information

In 2022, ASC will award up to ten $15,000 Creative Renewal Fellowships to individuals who have lived in Charlotte-Mecklenburg for at least the past three continuous years and who have been a professional, pursuing a career in the creative sector, for at least ten years.

Payments will be made according to a Funding Schedule that will be issued to grantees. The award will be made payable directly to the individual fellowship recipient and subject to IRS 1099 income statement reporting by ASC. There is no request for a budget as part of this application. As such, the proposed activity may require more or less than the full $15,000 award. Each fellowship recipient will be required to submit an IRS W-9 form so that an IRS 1099 income statement can be issued by ASC for the fellow-s tax records. All taxes and reporting of taxes will be the responsibility of the fellowship recipient.

Public Announcement and Fellowship Activity Period

April 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

Please consider applying if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have lived in Mecklenburg County for a minimum of three consecutive years as of January 1, 2022.
  • You have been pursuing a career in the creative sector (arts, science and/or history related) for at least ten years (not necessarily in the same position or within the same discipline).
  • You have generated the majority of your income over the past three years through your work as a sole proprietor, creative entrepreneur or contract employee in the fields of visual/folk/performing/multi-disciplinary arts, literature, science, or history.
  • Note: Other than creative individuals who have formally incorporated their practice as a business, full time employees at arts, science, history organizations are not currently eligible to apply.

For more information, visit Creative Renewal Fellowship.

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