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Merrimack Valley Municipal Business Development and Recovery Fund in Andover and North Andover


The Merrimack Valley Municipal Business Development and Recovery Fund has been made possible by a donation from Columbia Gas. The purpose of the program is to provide direct support to the municipalities and their business communities (not businesses directly) impacted by the recent gas disaster in Andover and North Andover.

Donor Name: Essex County Community Foundation

State: Massachusetts

Counties: Essex County (MA)

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy): Ongoing


Program Goals

It is envisioned that this program will:

  • Strengthen businesses within the communities impacted by the gas crisis;
  • Generate additional opportunities for their growth and long-term success;
  • Expand support services and technical assistance for businesses;
  • Contribute to the long-term resiliency of individual businesses and the overall business community.

Funding requests should align with overall local and regional economic development and business development plans and priorities within the town/city whenever appropriate.

Essex County Community Foundation is the fiduciary agent of the donation from Columbia Gas. ECCF will administer the grant program.  Grant requests must be consistent with the purpose of the program and could include requests for:

  • Direct individual business support, i.e., gift card program;
  • General business promotion, i.e., shop local campaign;
  • Technical assistance and business consultation services;
  • Economic development and planning.

Eligibility Criteria

Projects initiated by the Towns of Andover and North Andover are eligible for funding from this program.  Each project is required to apply individually; however, joint applications are encouraged in the instances where there is collaboration on a business or economic recovery initiative.  Appropriate municipal approval is required per each application.

For more information, visit Essex County Community Foundation.

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